Gig review: Self Esteem and Nimmo

Updated: Oct 20, 2019

I have to start by thanking Wayne and Lorraine for telling me about this gig months ago. They know Rebecca and having seen her perform on TV at Glastonbury in the summer I was very very excited for this gig.

Band on the Wall is one of the coolest Manchester venues, as cool as the name and the staff are all so friendly and lovely. This was my third gig in as many days and very different from the last few days music so heading through the Manchester rain, I was very excited.

Nimmo I'll be honest I'd not listened to until the day and I heard The Power. It is such a beautiful song, check the video out as well it's ace. I was looking forward to seeing these guys and they didn't disappoint. They remind me of Robyn mixed with Massive Attack just a little dancier and live just wow! They had such pressence and the magic/chemistry between Sarah and Reva gave me goosebumps.

I hadn't expected to be dancing like I did on the podiums in the 1990's (another lifetime ago) but this was brilliant and looking around me everyone was just letting themselves go and it was beautiful. Their set was over far too quickly but that's what great artists do leave you wanting more! I was also lucky enough to meet them both after the gig and they tell me they've a headline tour early next year! These are going to be hot tickets, so keep your eyes peeled!

Then of course to the wonderful Rebecca Lucy Taylor aka Self Esteem. If you stop and listen to her lyrics they're so empowering. She's been through a lot and the rawness, realness and all round honesty of her songs really speak to my core.

She's been through so much and for someone so young it breaks my heart but from adversity comes strength and her performance was like watching Wonder Woman take to the stage and kick the ass of all who have wronged her. All who have not believed in her. All who've told her she's not good enough.

This lady is incredible. Just listen to her voice in I'm Shy (live video below) she's insanely talented. an incredible dancer and above all such a beautiful soul. Sh was so nice when I met her after and so humble.

She could've sold out a venue 10 times the size of the one she played last night and if that performance is any marker to judge her potential by then it's not long before she will be selling out stadiums.

Women need role models like her.

Keep believing Rebecca. You're amazing!

As usual all pics and videos are mine:


Self Esteem Nimmo


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