Gig review - She Drew The Gun, Peaness, Natalie McCool

Updated: May 4, 2020

I remember when I first heard She Drew The Gun - it was her second album Revolution of Mind. I was blown away by the political intelligence of her lyrics. I bought the ticket 10 months ago as soon as they went on sale and so was surprised that there was still tickets for sale on the day of the gig.

It was a very very cold night and I did shit myself when I saw the queue on walking up to the Academy - if you know the area it was right down to the Museum entrance and beyond - thankfully that queue was for Black Bear who were playing the main Acadamy.

Tonights gig was at Academy 2 which does have a 970 capacity - it was about 3/4 full by the end and with the freezing temps I can understand why some stayed in as late as possible. Those who did definitely missed out because these support acts were amazing!

First up was Natalie McCool and her name did her justice because she was amazing! A beautiful voice and her stripped back set with her pedals and just her strumming was simply stunning. Her voice is one of those that carries you some place else and honestly I was close to tears it over me that much. I managed to record Someone New (see below) - Definitely worth a listen. She's playing Liverpool on December 14th with her band so check her out if you're free.

Up next Peaness (yes pronounced that way). Fun, happy indie with great vocals and when they were talking between tracks their humour had me in stitches. They had a song about Brexit and are very much looking forward to touring Ireland, Scotland and Hull soon. I recorded their track Same Place (as per like below). So have a listen and tell me what you think - I also meet Jess and Balla afterwards and did buy an album they both signed (thanks girls) and a T-Shirt It's bright yellow has a pink heart on it and their bad name with PEA above NESS in the middle. I'm going to wear this with pride at every festival I go to next year. They're such lovely ladies so if you get the chance have a listen.

Up last of course was Louise Roach aka She Drew The Gun. The venue was pretty full by the time she came on and I also had the lovely Claire next to me (hi lovely) when she came on. She told me she'd seen Louise six times and that I was gonna love her. She wasn't wrong! She started off with Something For The Pain one of her biggest hits from her second album and the set just got better and better. Despite not having keyboards for one track due to issues with the tech their set was flipping incredible. Louise is so lovely.

Her interaction with the crowd, her voice is incredible and I love her playing also. She also had the most amazing pair of sparkly DM's I've seen. She played Resister; Revolution of Mind, Resister Reprise plus many more. She also played a brand new single Hallow's Eve. Finishing on a cover of the dance classic Sweet Harmony by The Beloved was just brilliant. She asked us all to dance and thanks to the guitarist for saying, "She knows the moves"! When I started dancing. It was an absolutely perfect ending and message at the end of just a brilliant set.

I also bumped into Louise at the merch stand after and I spoke to her about how I just missed her when she phoned Gaydio on Monday night for her interview we played on Tuesday ahead of her show (true fact - I was on Gaydio 8pm to 10pm on Monday). She was so humble and lovely. One point last night she sang Between Stars and of course as starts to sing, she told us to keep our heads up.

It resonated with me so much and having felt down last night (we all do) this really helped me so I told her. She thanked me and I asked her for a hug, she smiled and gave me the most lovely of hugs.

Music for me is about the emotional reaction and connection with the music, the songs and the artists.

Last night was perfect!

As always all pics and videos are my own.


She Drew The Gun


Natalie McCool


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