Gig review: Sheafs, Lynchs, Tinfoils, Manalishi - Night and Day Cafe 

This was an amazing gig in many ways. Firstly £7 for 4 bands of this quality is such a bargain and Manchester has so many bargains similar to this.The doors opened at 7.30 pm and some people where already queuing to get in.

I'd been to a quite frankly brilliant pop up gig in Blue Rinse the vintage shop on Oxford Road and managed to catch Slack Alice's, Filthy Tricks and Springfield Elementary all for free. I then had to wait a few hours and so the bass player from Red Stripes and I just went to Gullivers for a drink before the gig.

My appetite had been well and truly wet by the afternoons performances and by christ these bands didn't disappoint.

First up was the gargantuan sound of Manchesters three piece that are Manalishi. Not only was their sound impressively loud for a 3 piece, but the music was insanely brilliant. They're all fucking amazing musicians and then the lead singer starts singing with a voice that is in one word, INCREDIBLE!! If you're a fan of early Nirvana, then have a listen. Their playing reminds me of Bleach, but an up to date version. I was in awe. These lads are destined for greatness. Trust me.

The crowd had grown significantly by now and by then I'd been chatting to Kaylee of exposure_kaylee (check out her Instagram) about both of our loves of music, the art and how blessed we feel to share our own passion for the music to spread the word about our favourite bands. Kaylee with her photographs and myself with my writing.

Anyway... Up next were Tinfoils, another phenomenal punk band hailing also from Manchester. Firstly they had more fans wearing t-shirts than any other band in there. Which for a third placed band on the bill is pretty impressive. I'd also listened to a few of their tracks and so knew we were in for a treat, but this band again blew us all away. They introduced a lot of their songs which was nice for those of us who don't know them well enough yet. Catchy, hard hitting lyrics with a beat reminiscent of The Buzzcocks. You can definitely have a dance to these lot. See the video below and you'll see what I mean.

Up next another band from Manchester (more accurately Wigan) and this time, Lynchs. They were definitely the least punk sounding band of the evening in my opinion but take nothing away from these lads they really kick your arse. Doing my research on the band prior to the gig they're labelled as Manchesters next big thing. You can see why. They played a really tight set, their lyrics are relatable and their tunes are all ones you want to repeat. I chatted to the lads outside after the gig and rest assured you'll be seeing something from them on this blog very soon.

Then last and definitely not least were the Proud sons of Sheffield who are Sheafs. Kaylee asked me if I'd seen them before, I told her I hadn't. She said she'd seen them four times this year and after the set I can see why.

I'm going to go off piste a moment when I tell you that Idles are probably the most impressive band I've seen live this year for sheer levels of attitude, swag, and all round brilliance. This band are a very, very, very, very, close second.

The crowd went full on mosh pit. I've not seen anything like this in Manchester in the 18 months or so of my gig going here and it's the wildest gig I've been to in Manchester since doing this blog.

From their first riff to the last reverb they were everything you'd expect from a great punk band. Loads of attitude, brilliant songs, their energy, as I say was insane. I chatted to the lads afterwards and not only were they so warm and humble but they are genuinely as passionate about their art off, as they are on stage. I got a hug from them and they also up sold from a t-shirt to a t-shirt plus tote bag. I will use it and look even more cool when I'm shopping.

Every once in a while a band comes along and shakes up their art form, grabs you by the lapels and takes the world by storm. This band is going to be fucking monolithic and rightly so.

Years from now I will talk about this gig with a glint in my eye and say I was there, the same way people talk about seeing Idles with just over a 150 people in Blackpool.

Do yourself a favour and see these lads if you get the chance.

They. Will. Knock. Your. Socks. Shoes. And. Everything. Else. Off.

As usual all photos and videos are mine.







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