Gig review - Sigrid & Ider

A below zero evening in Manchester saw the return of Sigrid having not played here since October last year at the Albert Hall (my first time seeing her). I made a great friend at that gig (Hi Megan) but sadly she had to work and so I went on my own to this one.

The audience contained a lot of younger people with their parents and teenagers but there was also plenty of older people there without kids in tow and that's the mass appeal of Sigrid.

Sigrid is one of those artists who appeals across a lot of music fans. I know some heavy music musicians who love this ladies music and song writing. A great song writer appeals to all and that's exactly what she is - fact.

First up were London duo Ider ( Lily Somerville and Megan Markwick). If you asked me to describe their music, it's electro pop infused with really deep lyrics. Their harmonies and chemistry on stage is visceral. I think their music speaks of a generation who are disenfranchised with the world they've inherited from the generation above them and they're looking for a meaning. That's what it says to me anyway. It's not all doom and gloom though. Their songs are beautifully, uplifting and some of them will literally blow you away. I'd recommend you listen to Body Love - if ever there was a song about being so deeply into someone on an emotional, physical and spiritual level then this is it. Its funny because in the queue outside they were trying to give out flyers advertising Ider's headline tour when they play Band on the Wall on 8th February 2020. I'd bought my ticket as soon as they went on sale, and was stoked when I saw that they were supporting Sigrid. It's my birthday on 9th and I literally cannot wait to see them again. Perfect birthday present!

Sigrid took to the stage after her band, and started with Mine Right Now - the place went nuts. So much singing, dancing and all round happy faces. Sigrid is one of those artists who makes you feel included in their performance. She's constantly moving, acknowledging the audience and most of all she has fun with it. Her songs are all instantly memorable because they're about things we've all been through. Sucker punch was actually my favourite song last year. There have been times when I've been feeling down and I've put that song on and danced around the house and it's lifted my spirits. Her album Sucker Punch is also the only CD I have in any car that I play regularly.

The best music makes you feel alive, makes you feel like there's hope, like you can get through whatever you're going through.

Sigrid's music does exactly that.

All pictures are mine - I've included Sucker punch and Strangers within this review as well as Brown Sugar from Ider. If you want to see more videos from this gig then you can on my YouTube channel.

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