Gig review: Skies & Lightscape

Last night was my first visit to Jimmy's for a while and I was well up for this one having listened to Skies for a while now.

It was great to get there an hour early and chat to Freddy Saytr Play such a nice bloke and another bloody amazing band. After having a pint I left the lads to it and went downstairs.

First up were Lightscape who I'd never heard before but my goodness could they play. Hailing from Norwich these lads have a few EP's out and their sound reminded me a little of Evanesences early stuff but a bit heavier and with a male vocalist it's going to sound different. They were very good musicians and the quality of their sound was phenomenal. Being a five piece meant the singer had to sing on the floor rather than the stage (it's rather small) - but this took nothing away from their performance. They smashed it out of the park. I managed to record Blinded By The Lights - have a stream and see what you think.

It was really lovely to see Rod And Jane mates who I hadn't seen for a month or so and so as we were chatting the interval soon flew by.

The sound last night was very loud, (always wear hearing protection peeps) so after a few tracks and good pics I made the decision to go mid crowd. This meant not seeing as much as I usually do, but it's not all about he visual is it..

Skies are Allie Cotter (lead vocals/guitar) and Jericho Tozer (drums/vocals/synths). If you asked me describe their sound, it's a bit Indie, Indie/rock, synth rock - hard to pigeon hole but their music is stunning. I love the tracks Pills, Afterwards (both live videos below) and I also love the Walton Hoax mix of Drone.

This was the first night of their tour and their energy was insane, breaking one drum stick a few tracks in and a guitar string mid set too. They played for around 45-50 minutes without an encore and it was over way too quickly.

If you're a fan of fast, hard hitting, grab you shake and definitely gonna wake you music then go and see these guys live.




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