Gig review: Suave Martyrs, Reardon Love, JCK, Rolla

This was the second Scruff of the Neck presents showcase evening I'd been to and I love these because you get to see bands you wouldn't ordinarily see.

It was a bloody cold evening in Manchester on Friday evening when I headed to town after a very long week, but I wanted to see JCK and so I made the effort and I'm glad I did.

Up first were Rolla who brought their crowd and I was blown away. Their drummer Mars has been with the band for a week apparently and you would never know. They were tight as hell as a unit, and by Christ can they play. They did a track called Cherry Tree (see below), an amazing cover of Fountaines DC track Boys From The Better Land (missed the first verse, because I failed to press record), and another I managed to record (you can see these on my YouTube channel). I've seen a few bands who have gained traction very quickly in the last few months that have really impressed me (The Lathums, The Mysterines) and I'm totally serious when I say these lads have the potential to go all the way. They're not streaming anywhere currently, but if you see them playing you'll see what I mean. They do have a gig 19th January in Huddersfield and would be well worth it.

Up next were JCK. If you read this blog regularly you'll know I've interviewed Jack and first saw the lads in June supporting Dolphin Centre at Gullivers in Norther Quarter. The lads have been playing a lot more since then with Harrison (bass) moving up from Eastbourne to concentrate on playing more. He's definitely been practicing because his playing was way better than the first time I saw the lads and that's not saying he wasn't good then, but he's come on so much since. Jack and Harry were on point as ever and despite breaking 2 strings Jack kept on going and nailed it in my opinion - so much energy, great tunes and Jack's presence is also complimented by his great voice. I managed to record Shut Up & Drive their latest single (see below) as well as another (see my YouTube) . JCK will be playing bigger venues soon mark my words, another great act.

Up next were Reardon Love. I felt sorry for these lads because the sound wasn't great and some of the crowd clearly didn't like them and so took the piss. If you don't like it you can go to the bar! They didn't let this effect them and they have my respect. As the sound wasn't great now I didn't record a video. They have 2 tracks on Spotify Obsidian and Sweet Brandon Teena (Respond To Me). They need to keep going and fuck the haters! Make your own mind up.

Last up were Suave Martyrs who brought a crowd also and whilst they went down well the sound wasn't great again, which was a shame. I would like to see them again tehy'replayign Glossop in March with my amigos The Battery Farm so I won't have to wait too long to get the opportunity. I recorded one track (see below). Give them a stream on Spotify, I like the track Gimme a Reason - it has a sixties vibe to it.

As usual all pictures and videos are ones I took. You can subscribe to my YouTube for more videos of gigs, I'm also on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook where I share reviews, playlists, and some amazing interviews.


Suave Martyrs

Reardon Love


Rolla (not yet)


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