Gig review - Tallest Man on Earth & Julie Byrne

Updated: Nov 12, 2019

The Albert Hall was the perfect setting for a wonderful performance from 2 very different, but nevertheless incredible musicians last night.

I ventured into town 2 hours before doors opening to meet my mate Jack for a pint. It was good to catch up as we hadn't really seen each other since YNOT. I also met the very lovely Sarah at the bar, who ended up joining us.

After walking her to her mates in the Northern Quarter, meeting them and having a swift half I then walked back to the Albert Hall and arrived after the doors were open. I'd rather have walked about than stand in the rain in a queue. It was even worth falling arse over tit outside the town hall and ripping a hole in my tights (really)... thankfully I had gloves on and so apart from a small scab on the knee I faired well.

The Albert Hall was packed pretty early and again I wasn't going to get anywhere near the front so as I did with Aurora on Tuesday I opted for going upstairs. Which in the end meant I got some pretty incredible pictures... and the videos aren't too shabby either! I did opt for the opposite side and it turned out I got a better vantage point anyway.

First up was Julie Byrne who whilst being a singer songwriter her style's very very different to the headliner and was very very chill. Her music is really beautiful, go listen to Natural Blue. It's simply serene. She was never going to be as energetic as Tallest Man on Earth - and that's ok. Her voice is beautiful. Truly. If you're a fan of Pheobe Bridges, Mother or Tomberlin you're going to love her.

After a very short interval and actually earlier than advertised (bonus) was Kristian Matsson aka Tallest Man on Earth. I smiled when telling people I was going to this gig.... a few of them took his name rather literally and assumed I was going to see someone who was vertically gifted.

He may not be as his name advertises but in terms of performance, playing, showmanship and all around brilliance this man is an absolute Goliath!

I recall when I first saw him it was years ago on Jools Holland when he did King of Spain. He was sat on a wooden box and I was absolutely mesmerised. He was equally so this evening. His movement, his playing just everything about him was incredible.

It was only him, his guitars, banjo and piano and pedal board. Nothing else. The light boxes on stage just added to the magical ness of the performance.

I can't recall verbatim what he said, but he said that the love we all give him when he plays, he keeps and then he uses it to give out the love to others. There was so much love in that room last night, and rightly so.

This man was extraordinarily brilliant.


Tallest Man on Earth

Julie Byrne

As per usual all pics and videos are my own.


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