Gig review: The Futureheads, Saytr Play, Jack Found, Mealtime

Friday 6th March 2020 night time gig ended what was an inspirational 2 days and 3 nights of panel events, gigs and networking for all of those looking to help support the music industry.

I was so looking forward to this gig having not seen Saytr Play since YANA in March 2019. It was much busier that I expected and what a stunning venue NIAMO actually is. Steeped in a rich musical history with legends such as The Beatles and Nina Simone having performed there over the years. It was also so good to see Kaylee my mate from Sheffield.

Up first were Mealtime - now this was music you can dance to! I'd not experienced anything like this before and the audience were bloody loving it! A lot of smiling, happy dancing people and since coming back I've been listening to them. If you're a fan of Groove Armada or Glossii then you will love this band.

Up next were Jack Found. When a trombonist/keyboard player takes to the stage you know you're in for a treat and again this band got everyone dancing. I was watching from upstairs and it was so cool to see so many people dancing and letting go. Jack had so much energy running up and down the stage, the auditorium and he even jumped over me at one point on the balcony. It was a kind rock and roll, ska infused indie but above all of this it was fun so why define it? Again I recorded it so have a view and make your own mind up.

Then onto the boys - Manchester's own Saytr Play fronted by probably one of the nicest men I've met since living up here Freddy Farrell. Freddy is such a sweet, inclusive, kind man. He has such a passion for his art and when he takes to the stage it's like watching a Phoenix rise up and soar like a thunderbolt. His energy is incredible - they played Second Hand Emotion with quite frankly one of the best bass lines ever, Don't Go East, Honest Man and their latest single Future. They are without a doubt one of the best bands in Manchester and watching them from the balcony I had the opportunity to pay attention to all of them at different parts of their set. These lads were born to do this. It's written in the stars these lads are going to be huge - I feel so blessed to have been there. I've included Second Hand Emotion in this review - there are more on my YouTube channel.

Finally up were The Futureheads and by now the place was buzzing. They're a band who have been around since the early 2000's and whilst the crowd were a bit quiet (their words not mine) - it did get sweaty rather quickly. Finishing up with their cover of Kate Bush's Hounds of Love they ended on high. I only managed to record one song and anyone who's reading this blog is likely to have heard of this band. If you haven't then go and listen to their self titled album. You won't have heard anything like it. Meantime and Hounds of Love are great tracks and the latter as soon as it stars you will know it of you were listening to music on the radio in 2004.

All pictures within this review are mine. If you'd like to see more videos from this gig then you can on my YouTube channel.

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The Futureheads

Saytr Play

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