Gig review: Vistas and Gauranga, Manchester Academy 3

Academy 3 was a sell out for this Manchester performance from Vistas their second Manchester appearance in 5 days having played Neighbourhood Festival the Saturday before. I didn't see them then because I didn't want to spoil this evening.

The audience was very young (18-22) on average and so the energy and singing was sic!

Up first were Gauranga who hail from West Yorkshire (according to Spotify). I'd never heard of them but they put on a great show and the energy was palpable. I managed to record one of their tracks Let Me Go (see video below). I liked them and having streamed them since they're definitely worth a listen if you like bouncy indie you can shake your toosh too.

I've also looked up the meaning of their name since the gig and it refers to the Golden incarnation of God (Krishna), Lord Caitanya Mahaprabhu, who appeared in Bengal 500 years ago, to spread the Hare Krishna mantra that would bring peace and eternal happiness to all conditioned souls in this material world. These lads brought this to everyone there for certain. Support bands often pleasantly surprise you and these lads definitely did.

After about 20 minutes of none stop singing - I went Facebook live when we were all singing Mr. Brightside because it sounded so good I heard a song I hadn't heard for a while but speaks to my soul and formed an important part of my youth. Little Respect Erasure.

The Edinburgh lads then took to the stage and for the next almost hour the smashed out high octane, happy, dancy, catchy, dance your pants off music.

They played all of their hits as well as a few newer tunes. Everyone around me was bouncing and smiling and singing. The joy between everyone and the love in that room for the band, the songs and each other was just beautiful. I was dancing with a group of young people and one the girls had the same Vistas t-shirt on as me. We just shared our dance moves, pogoed and smiled the whole time.

Vistas said they love playing Manchester and it's one of their favourite places to play. Going by last nights performance and Manchester's reaction. It's easy to see why.

Music is my religion. This was another great night of worship!

Pics and the video are my own as usual.





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