Gig review - Zuzu, The Covasettes and Munkey Junkey - Jimmy's Monday 16th September 2019.

Updated: Sep 18, 2019

Zuzu is one of those artists who is finally starting to see some traction in her success and her following and rightly so. This gig was a sold out, something she described as being blown away during her show, but to me it's no surprise. She's a phenomenal song writer and her tunes are ones you want to hear again and again.

Due to it being sold out I made sure that I was down to Jimmy's early and I'm glad I did because I just managed to bag a space at the front. Zuzu's loyal fans were keen to see her as was I. The atmosphere was electric despite the place only being half full when the first support Monkey Junkey took to the stage at 7:45 pm. I'd not heard this artist before and as he took to the stage and plugged in his guitar to one of the biggest pedal boxes I'd seen in a while he explained he was Zuzu's guitarist and that he was going to sing us a few songs. I had no expectations at all but when he started singing I was blown away! He reminded me a lot of Post Malone & Weeknd and I'm not kidding when I say this but this guys could easily tour with these guys and not be out of place! He said he wanted to sing us a ballad and I took a video, so you can judge for yourself but you'll see what I mean. I would happily pay to see him headline.

Next up where Manchester's Covasettes. The place was almost full (not quite) and the lead singer Chris said to us if we cheered loud enough that Zuzu would be happy. We did cheer very loudly! This band were fucking amazing! I can't believe they've not been on my radar before but they are going to go onto great things. A four piece indie rock outfit who hammer out belter after belter. I managed to film 2 of their tracks, Wild and what they said is their new single, Be Mine. These lads are going to be playing way bigger venues very very soon and my mates and I were genuinely astounded.

When Zuzu came onto the stage you'd be forgiven for thinking these support bands would be too hard to follow but believe me when I say this you will not see as talented, fun and overall bloody lovely a young solo artist as this young woman.

Joined again by her guitarist as well as brilliant rhythm section (bass and drums) and you had the makings of one of the best nights of live music I've had in a long time!

Hot, fun, sweaty, anthem after anthem, her lyrics are so relateable and to top it all off she's such a nice person. Thanking the audience for coming down to see her, her first sold out headline show, she knew a lot of her fans who'd come down to see her wishing one of them a happy birthday as it was indeed her birthday!

She played all of her hits Dark Blue, Beauty Queen, How it Feels, Get off and All Good. She also did a cover of Truth Hurts by Lizzo that I managed to capture as well as some others. Her voice never looses her authentic Scouse attitude and it's one of the many reasons why I love her art.

She met anyone who wanted to meet afterwards. After chatting with her briefly, a quick hug and posing for a fun photograph - I can confirm she was so humble, funny and as nice off stage as she was on it.

Zuzu whilst small in stature is going to be MASSIVE and she thoroughly deserves all the successes coming her way!

All videos and pictures are my own.

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