Gossip & Meggie Brown - Manchester Academy, Saturday 20th July 2019.

Gossip are and Beth Ditto is one of the most important and significant bands and artists for the queer community in last decade. I was extremely excited to attend the Academy for this gig celebrating ten years since the release of Music for Men.

I also had the pleasure of a stunningly beautiful lady as my company, so with most of the crowd being queer (obvs), then it felt right I wasn't on my own this evening.

The support came from Meggie Brown and I'd never heard of her prior to this evenings gig.

She had an amazing presence, her band were all super talented and we had a good dance. I've played her a few times since, and I like her stuff so that's a thumbs up from me.

The time between sets flew by but I think that had more to do with the company I was in, rather than the time it took.

The band came on and the place went mental. I was very surprised at the level of noise but the academy does hold a lot of people so it shouldn't have been that great a surprise. Beth Ditto came on in a beautiful pink dress (see pics below) and the place went mental.

I love her because she's so proud of her size, her gender and her sexuality. She owns all she is and if ever there was a great role model for women then Beth Ditto is it.

I can't remember the order of the songs because it was all over way too quickly, I took a few videos some which I can't share due to copyright claims (sorry) but I also took pics (below) and before I knew it the night was over. Beth waved to me a few times early on and I was swooning big time. She's bloody amazing. Pure and simple.

They didn't just stick to Music for Men and the encore featured Careless Whisper, which was amazing before ending on the anthemic Standing In The Way of Control. The love, jumping and singing was at the highest level I've ever experienced in the Academy.

I've not been to a gig as good as this in a while - it's going to take some beating.

Thank you Beth Ditto, Gossip and you know who for giving me one of the best nights I've had in a very long time.


Gossip Meggie Brown


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