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Updated: Dec 13, 2019

Prior to the interview Imogen and I had a chat because we wanted to give you guys something a bit different to the usual interview format.

Having first met Imogen and James at Bang Bang Romeo at The Deaf Institute in Manchester earlier in the year I had no idea who they were (sorry guys) - but what struck me then was how much fun they were and how they really loved each other. Same again when I saw them at The Blossoms at the end of October (gig review) I then got to meet Ben and Chris as well as the incredibly warm welcome I got from them both what struck me was how much these guys love each other.

I was really excited to do this interview and they're the first rock band I've interviewed also, so without further ado....

Debbie: What's the best gig you've played this year?

All in unison: Pride! Bradford Pride!

Imogen: I reckon so.... they were one the most supportive crowds we've ever played in front of.

Chris: And it was my first gig.

Imogen: Of people who haven't seen us before especially.

Debbie: Do you think you won them over?

Imogen: Yeah definitely

Ben: Big time!

Imogen: A lot of them followed us afterwards...

Chris: We had people singing along to songs by the end of the 3rd chorus and some of them weren't even out then.

James: It's only because the end of that song is about 10 minutes long....

Ben: It needs to be logner

Debbie: That's what she said!

Imogen: Hey oh! - band laughing.... (sorry guys).

Debbie: So can any of you do any impressions? - (Chris did an amazing impression of Arnold Schwarzenegger earlier before we started)

Imogen: Ben your time has come!

Ben: I can't think of any....

James: Oh My God! The one you did when we were driving through France for four hours straight!

Ben: ok..... Picture the scene. We were driving for quite a while to a little town in France..

Imogen: Bethlemhem.

James: Bethlehem is not in France!

Ben: We were driving in France and Elm joined us.... I won;t be able to do it now. Ben then does the most incredible impression of Elmo - you'll have to take my word for it. (if enough of you want to hear it, I'll embed it into the next part of the interview... as well as Chris's Arnie impression).

Ben: When you've been driving and awake that long you go delerious. We laughed for about 40 minutes on the way to Dover because the sign to Warwick says Welcome to Historic Warwick!

James: We designed this whole TV show off of the back of it...

Chris: I can't nap and so I never slept it took about 20 hours.

Chris: I can do a few impressions actually.

Imogen: I cannot do any...

Chris: I can do the X-Factor guy impression.. Does it and it's hilarious. He then cracks on and does an impression of the advert trailer guy. (will share these if you want me to in the next one).....

Debbie then does a Sarah Millican impression... again I will include it if you want me to.

Chris: Have you watched Peep Show? Well basically we do a lot of quotes from that show that's what this band is like.

Debbie: What other shows do you qoute?

Chris: IT crowd.

Imogen: Hot Fuzz.... we then do a lot of quotes from Hot Fuzz.

Debbie: So Bradford Pride was your best gig this year... What's been your best experience as a band this year?

Chris: Bradford Pride was for me as it was the biggest crowd I'd played in front of and it was my first gig.

Imogen: I think tour was stressful... but how often do you get to do something like that your mates.

James: We all came back laughing with each other.

Chris: Tour we learnt loads... when you're in a foreign country and your car breaks down you all learn so much about each other.

Debbie: I was watching the video earlier of you putting a shout out for a bass player and there's definitely a ginger theme in this band... so Imogen why haven't you got ginger hair?

Imogen: I seem to dye my hair every other colour every 2 weeks.

Chris: That must have been a sub conscious decision when I turned up? You were like AH! Here he is! When you put Ben and James in a computer you actually get me!

Debbie: You can answer this Ben you don't have to.... I've heard Big Ben and then the eggplant reference. So is there a subliminal reference here?

Chris: At this stage we can neither confirm nor deny!

Band: laughs...

James: People can take what they make from it.....

Debbie: So who was the first musician or band that made you go wow I want to do this.

Ben: That's easy Jimi Hendrix.

James: Green Day.

Chris: Metallica that's the first band I saw live... I wasn't even thinking about being a musician, it was the Death Magnetic tour.

Debbie: My first gig was Metallica on the black album tour, they didn't even have a support it was just them.

Chris: When you think about it £50 is what most people play and they still don't go and see the support bands. I've got into so many bands by going and seeing the support bands.

Debbie: I'll always go and catch the support bands. I'm a bit of a fan girl when it comes to Sea Girls and I saw them a few weeks ago and The Mysterines were supporting. They played their first riff and I was like, Oh my fucking God! Who are these?!! They were incredible, they're phenomenal.

Chris: I'm a big Shinedown fan and seeing them live was incredible. So it's because of seeing support bands, you're pleasantly surprised.

James: It depends what's happening with my car... it's bit tempremental.

Imogen: My first gig was Girls Aloud - I'd never really been to a gig before.

Ben: I never got to see Hendrix live, he died 21 years before I was born.

Imogen: It's funny because he's four years older then the rest of us...

Chris: He's 7 years older than me.

Debbie: All time festival line up they can be dead or alive who would you pick?

Chris: We can't decide this as four piece.. it's too varied.

Imogen: We can have one each..... Don Brocco and Owl City... No Dreamstate and Don Brocco.

Ben: Hendrix.

James: Thin Lizzy.

Chris: I'm on a big Rage Against The Machine at the moment. If it's bands who are out at the moment then I'm happy with the Download line up at the moment.

Debbie: I'd love to have seen Johnny Cash in his prime.

Debbie: Any surprise albums or artists who you would reference as great and they're not necessary aligned with who you are as a band?

James: Massive Nickleback band.

Ben: U2.

Chris: I really like Nicklback live, the banter between the songs is really good.

Imogen: Owl City.

James: Flash Flood of Colour Enter Shakari or even Little Mix

Chris: I listen to the last Girls Aloud album wit a lot

James: Nathan Bedingfield Unwritten the best album.

Chris: Nah James Blunt Back to Bedlam.

Ben: I don't listen to albums... I listen to Radio 1 mainly. I refuse to pay for Spotify.

Debbie: Listen to BBC Radio 6.

Imogen: I think we'd work on 6...

Ben: What! You guys have been working on 6 all this time and not told me...

Band: laughs...

Debbie: Ben's big surprise/reveal... it's not what you think.

Band: laughs......

My thanks to the guys for taking the time out on a cold dark and wet Friday evening to do this interview.

Next week's interview we'll find out how the band feel about their fans support, we play a game of Something or Something, a game of who would be most likely and much more.

You can connect with Novustory on their socials Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube and I recommend you do because not only are they an incredible band, they are also incredibly funny. Their website is here also.


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