Interview - Rodents

Rodents from Left to Right: Frankie, Cameron, Joe, Daniel

If you've not heard of Rodents they're one of the most exciting new punk bands to come from the Manchester area (Bury). Their debut single Mad For It is one of my most played songs on Spotify this year and quite frankly if this track is indication of what this band has to offer then I'm excited for the future for this band.

The interview took place a few weeks ago the Sunday before the general election, and it's an absolute pleasure to share this interview with you.

The band features Cameron on vocals and rhythm guitar, Joe on lead guitar, Daniel on drums their bass player Frankie wasn't available unfortunately but we were also joined by Kasim who does artwork and is a friend of the band.

Debbie: So why punk?

Cameron: So at first we were looking for a female singer and we were looking for ages, and then I was like I'll just do it and with punk you don't really need to be a great singer.

Debbie: That's so true, if you look at Joe from Idles he's not the worlds best singer.

Cameron: You don't have too be good you just have to be passionate.

Debbie: I think that if people align with your lyrics and they can relate to them then you're going to be successful.

Daniel: I think peoples first reaction when they first hear Mad For It is funny.

Joe: It's funny how many people that song actually takes the piss out of.

Debbie: So who are your influences?

Cameron: Stuff that sounds like us really Idles, Menstrual Cramps.

Debbie: When you were posting about seeing them at Social Sunday I went and had a listen and I was like oh my god!

Cameron: Yeah they supported Amyl and the Sniffers.

Debbie: They've got that song as well about the Tories what's it called again?

Cameron: Cull a Tory!

Debbie: That's it!

Cameron: I've got the T-Shirt on now!

Debbie: So who did you go and see at Social Sunday?

Cameron: Amyl & The Sniffers mainly.

Debbie: Did you go to the O2 Ritz?

Cameron: No, we only went to the smaller venue.

Debbie: So how about you guys (Daniel & Joe) who are your influences?

Daniel: I listen to a lot of stuff a lot of punk but then a lot of other bands also like Can and Sonic Youth.

Joe: On that Spotify top artists my top one was Radiohead, then Sonic Youth, Mid-Air Thief

Cameron: We listen to a lot of stuff that doesn't sound like us but you can hear the influences in our music.

Debbie: So if I said to you give me an album or artist that no one would guess in a million years who you listen to who would that be?

Daniel: I guess there's a band called Mother Earth Gun Club and it's kinda like country but I really like that album.

Joe: Nick Cave - listened to nothing like it but I just enjoyed it.

Cameron: I think post grunge sounds fuck all like the grunge.

Debbie: I love the grunge era - Stone Temple Pilots are one of theist bands of that era! Soundgarden obviously, Sonic Youth, Smashing Pumpkins....

Debbie: Who was the first artist or band that you first saw and you thought I want to do this.

Cameron: Probably Frank Carter and obviously Nirvana.

Daniel: Probably White Stripes, I almost thought it was experimental.

Joe: Same as Cameron, Nirvana.

Debbie: What was the first Nirvana sing you learned to play on guitar?

Joe: Obviously Smells Like Teen Spirit.

Debbie: So who are the most played Spotify artists on your playlists this year?

Cameron: Idles, Amy & The Sniffers,

Daniel: Modest Mouse, Mike (he's a a rapper), Radiohead.

Joe: Radiohead, SlowThai, Modest Mouse, King Crule

Debbie: Mine are Sophie & The Giants, Sea Girls, Wolf Alice, Yonaka and Lizzo.

Debbie: So outside music what's your passions?

Cameron: Physics, I love the universe.

Daniel: I used to do a lot of skateboarding and I watch a lot of films as well.

Joe: Computer Science and coding. I've got a synthesizer I like messing around with it and making fun sounds... more bizarre stuff.

Debbie: So whats the next single gonna be?

Cameron: It's Smoking Shelters - it was meant to be a few weeks ago but we missed the timescales due to a few issues. We had a single launch and everything, so we had to go ahead with it.

Joe: There was like QR codes and everything but they wouldn't work...

Debbie: Will you be releasing it on vinyl?

Daniel: CD's as vinyl is so expensive.

Cameron: You have to do it in bulk to make any money on vinyl - it's so expensive.

Debbie: Maybe when you guys have 4 or 5 singles out you can then release it as an EP.

Joe: That's the goal anyway.

Debbie: So if you weren't doing this what would you be doing?

Cameron: I think physics...

Daniel: Probably something writing based as read a lot. I really wanted to get into music reviews at some point as well.

Joe: Something to do with maths, that's what I'm doing at college.

Kasim: I would probably do something with engineering.

Debbie: So when the guys give you a song what's the creative process?

Kasim: Well the guys tell me more or less what they want anyway and I usually drain black and white and so I get to use colour as well. It pushes me out of my comfort zone.

Debbie: So what are you guys doing for Christmas?

Cameron: We've got the gig at Retro Bar on 20th December - you can get tickets here

Debbie: So will you be releasing the single before then?

Cameron: Hopefully.

Daniel: We may not even be able to produce CD's for then.

Cameron: We have lighters for sale anyway.

Debbie: If you had to give an elevator pitch to people for your music how would you describe it?

Cameron: It's accurate, its fun and I enjoy it.

Daniel: It's pretty hard hitting and the lyrics are the main thing.

Joe: Angry and hard hitting.

Debbie: What was the last album you bought?

Cameron: It was Arcade Fire Everything Now

Daniel: I think it was Ege Bamyasi by Can

Joe: I ordered Twin Fantasy on vinyl.

Debbie: I'm gonna give you a tenner you can buy 2 classics or a current album on any format

Cameron: I'd probably get a deluxe version of OK Computer and Bottomless Pit by Death Grips.

Daniel: I'd probably go for Sonic Youth Debut Nation

Joe and Kumar: By now the venue was so loud my recording didn't catch their reply - sorry lads.

My thanks to the lads for taking the time to travel to Manchester for this interview. If you're free tomorrow night then go and see them at Retro Bar in Manchester.

You can listen to the guys on Spotify or Soundcloud . Their socials are here Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram.

As a taster for here's their video for Mad For It


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