Interview: Springfield Elementary (Part 1)

This is the first part of a two part interview with another of Manchester's young up and coming exciting bands. Brad (lead guitar & backing vocals) and Liam (bass guitar) were present for the first part of the interview as we were waiting for Billy (lead vocals and guitar) to come from work and unfortunately Chris (drummer) had to work.

The roles were reversed for the first 10 minutes or so, but it was fun to discuss my main reasons for starting the blog.... I also got to have a beer whilst we chatted so thanks for the beer lads! We'll pick up from where we got onto my interview questions.

Debbie: I didn't come to my last interview with my notebook, but I have it for this one. I didn't really come with a list of questions just some notes about you guys... Prehistoric Psychopath that video looks like so much fun! Where was it filmed? Was it around here?

Liam: It's like Fallowfield way isn't it?

Brad: Levenshulme/Burnage area. It's like the well know Kings roundabout area.

Liam: Yeah, Billy used to live near there, that's how we know about it, it's Fallowfield cycle path.

Brad: Yeah we thought there's a tunnel there and it looks like a fun location so we'll do it there.

Debbie: It looks like a right laugh. There's a part where you're all sitting at a picnic table and there's the Skeleton and you're all tapping your feet on the ground and you're tapping it's feet as well. It looked like really good fun. Is it your partner in the video?

Brad: (laughs) No.. it was one of my brothers close friends. We discussed we needed a girl for the video, to be the girl we were all after and she was like yeah I'm booking the train now I'll be down tomorrow!

Debbie: Get Off And Smile as well, were you guys touring Germany? It looked like a right laugh. Like someone had taken a Manchester punk band and basically done a Kooks like montage of all of the fun bits of the tour.

Liam: It was good fun. It was a gig at a small town that's twinned with Denton. Do you know Denton?

Debbie: yeah, yeah..

Liam: So yeah it was this small German town twinned with Denton.

Debbie: Did you know that before you got there?

Liam: Well that's how we got it yeah... so basically Brad is from Denton and knew someone.

Brad: Yeah I knew then man who is in charge of town twinning and he was looking for a band from Denton. I was like I'm in a band from Denton and we went over. All our flights were paid for. We stayed in this German mans house, and he was like I've never met real rock stars before. We were like we're not rock stars..

Debbie: laughs

Brad: But thank you though!

Liam: Yeah they were so nice, we were treated like kings they gave us beers, gave us food, really looked after us. It was such a small town and this music festival was like their main festival of the year.

Debbie: It looks like it was so cool, so much fun.

Liam: It was. We went down to Cologne after as well. It's a bit like Manchester.

Debbie: I do love Manchester. It's a beautiful city, with a real sense of community but it also breaks your heart seeing the amount of homeless people on the street that there are.

I then discussed how I ended up in Manchester (if you're interested check out my YouTube blogs on transcendingwithdlc) - but that's not what this interview is about.

Debbie: Who looks after the bands social media and stuff?

Brad: It's joint effort really, me and Billy do the main posts - I do the Twitter and he does the Facebook and Billy's girlfriend Jess she does the Instagram stuff. So we've got a few people who help us do it.

Debbie: The thing with social media is you can do it with social media synchronisation and do it all together.

Brad: Yeah but doesn't Instagram if you link it to Twitter put a link on instead of the picture?

Debbie: It does for Twitter but not for Facebook.

Brad: Oh well we'll have to check it out.

Debbie: I was going to ask you about Machine Fiend... I was talking to Brad, Liam before you arrived and we started recording; about the self validation that people seek from social media. They're like rats on a feeder seeking food. People are obsessed with likes.

Brad: Me and Billy have read this book called the Selfie something.... basically it's one of those books that makes you feel a bit woke. In the song we're not saying we're not like that because a lot of people are like that with social media... we're not against it at all.

Debbie: I saw a meme on Facebook earlier today and it was an apple with a mirror in front of it and a camera lense pointing towards the front of the apple. The apple was facing the mirror in the foreground showing its polished side and it was fine and then the reverse was bitten the part away from the mirror/camera lense (i.e. social media).

Liam: Yeah I saw that!

Debbie: When I'm really struggling I share the bad stuff. I think that when you share the vulnerability and the bad stuff with people it has more resonance because it's real. People connect with that far more at a deeper level. They see you're not a bullshitter.

Liam: Yeah it's not really real life is it? Its a polished version of it guess.

Debbie: Yeah I think it's Australia where they've actually removed likes from Instagram now to stop people being obsessed with social media likes.

Liam: I've seen they've been blocking adverts for slimming stuff as well.

Debbie: You're bombard with imagery day to day anyway and if you look at the imagery we're seeing on a day to day basis. We have virtual billboards now, that change imagery. I remember when I was little watching films with this concept on them and it seemed really futuristic. I'm sounding like an old fart now, but it's now real life.

Liam: It's only going to get madder now as well.

Debbie: I saw advertised somewhere recently a Whitney Houston holographic tour! I can't think of anything more awful. Not because it's Whitney Houston, but because they're doing a disservice to her memory? I think has no one watched Black Mirror? The latest series with the episode featuring Miley Cyrus where a similar thing happens.

Liam: I've not seen that one is it good?

Debbie: Yeah it's brilliant. It's quite dark, looking at where we are now in terms of celebrating celebrity. Have you seen the film The Great Hack? It's scary!

Brad: I've seen bits of it and it looks good.

Debbie: Is your name linked to The Simpsons?

Brad: Yeah it is... I can't remember the exact conversation. We didn't say yeah lets call it after the Simpsons... but we said that would be a cool name and we went with it.

Debbie: So who's your favourite Simpsons character?

Brad: Ned Flanders maybe?...

Liam: Ralph...

Debbie: Yeah he's fun... I think I love Marge.

Brad: I appreciate her more now watching Simpsons than I did than when I started watching it when I was younger. When you're you're younger you love Bart, but I can now see all of what Marge goes through.

Debbie: So what's your creative process like? Do you all take turns or do you do it a different way?

Brad: Yeah we all take a share. it tends to be one of us have a riff in mind, then we'll jam to it. Chris will say try this... we'll play it and play it and then as we started out we have a few good songs. We all have good ideas, we have 2 were working on after this.

Debbie: How many songs do you have in your repartee now?

Brad: About 20.

Debbie: Wow!

Brad: Yeah we just don't play some of them any more but yeah around 20..

At this point Billy walked in and after handing me a wine (sic) we continued the conversation around the creative process, their influences and more - but you can read that next Wednesday in Part 2 of my Interview with Springfield Elementary.

The lads are releasing their new single 5 Second Rule this Friday, so keep an eye out for that and my preview on Thursday.. I may even throw in a sneaky clip.

You can catch the lads via their website, or on these social media links:






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