Interview Part 2 - Novustory

In last weeks first part of the interview with Novustory we talked about their highlights of the year, Big Ben's Big Surprise (not what you think) and their surprise albums, this week we're going to pick up the conversation where we talk about how amazing Novustory's fans are - Novu Squad Assemble!

Debbie: You know when you look back at your band and the last 12 months your fans are incredible. From buying merch so you can get back in France, to supporting you guys with streaming on line, I've not seen anything like this with a band. Your fans are amazing how does it make you feel?

Imogen: Like were a baby and we've been wrapped in a big blanket; like we've been swaddled.

Chris: The way to feels to me is.... you know the bit in the second Tobey Maguire Spiderman movie where he stops the train and it nearly kills him.... the crowd in the crowded train lift him up and it's almost like a Christ image. Everything they do is like a big layer of support wrapped around you. That's how it feels!

Chris's representation of what Novustory's fans are like.

Those people who consistently comment on stuff, who consistently like and share stuff - I don't think they realise that they're actually keeping the band going.

Ben: It can change your day as well.... totally

Chris: I've had bad news not even related to the band and stuff and I've been in the middle of something and we've had a massive momentum behind us since we brought Monster out. It's motivated us to do the next thing, and then the next thing. Monster did a little bit better than Denial, Edible did a little bit better than Denial.

James: Before we released Denial we thought we had to come up with a plan, we were getting stressed with not releasing anything.

Chris: We left a very big gap.

Imogen: I think it helped because we've spent a year and a half building up a personality, building up a brand as a band that people know a little about us.

Chris: We've built a fan base without a product basically.

Debbie: So when you have something people are already engaged?

James: Theoretically now I should be more stressed now, because I'm trying to organise the releases and get them out. But I'm actually less stressed about it, because I know people are going to say good things about it.

Imogen: The next single is good.... It's very good.

Chris: The next single is alright ....... It's not too shabby.

Debbie: Who's turn is it to wake up in bed?

Band: ohhhhh......?!?!

Debbie looking at Ben: It's your turn isn't it? You're going to need a big duvet from what we hear!

Band: Laughs.....

Debbie: I was going to ask you guys who's on your playlist.

James: I've started making my own playlist on Spotify.

Chris: When I'm out and about I listen to podcasts - but I listen to your Daily Mix lists on Spotify. The last album I listened to all the way through was the new Bang Bang Romeo one, then I listened to the new Dreamstate one when that came out. That's it really.

Debbie: You can listen to my playlists too... I do a weekly playlist and a today's track every day also.

Debbie: Have you got any hidden talents that we wouldn't necessarily know?

Chris: I can pick my nose with my tongue - then does it.

(James then shows us he has a tiny tongue)

Imogen: I can play clarinet!

Imogen looking for her clarinet

Debbie: You've heard of the phrase unpopular opinion, do you guys have any? I'll start...... I like Coldplay!

Chris: I really appreciate that they're looking at environmental ways of touring....

James: Just buy a Tesla and use that!

Chris: He really really wants a Tesla! Like really.

Debbie: I'll put that in the interview and tag Elon Musk into it... Is he on Twitter?

James: Yeah he is he re-tweeted me once that's my claim to fame!

Debbie: That's amazing - do you guys have any claims to fame?

Chris: I've been in the same Pizza Hut as Keanu Reeves.... I was six and my mum and dad were asking me to go over. But I didn't I was too nervous.

James: My claim to fame is I know the ex drummer of Elbow? I built a drum shed in his back garden for him.

Imogen: I once shook Condoleezza Rice's hand when I was singing in a choir when I was 11. I don't think she remembers me.

Ben: I am currently teaching 2 professional footballers guitar.

Debbie: You know sometimes people have these pearls of wisdom or sage advice what would you say?

James: All of mine are me dads - Do what you want!

Imogen: Do what makes your heart feel good! If you're in a job you hate quit it

James: I say ones to my customers but they don't get it because they're from me dad. Assumption is the mother of all fuck ups. You're better off looking at it than for it.

Chris: It's better to ask for forgiveness than beg for consent.

James: There's no I team and there's also work smart not hard.

Chris: That's wrong!

Ben: So you're saying don't work hard? I'm saying Work Smarter not Harder.

Imogen: I've got another one..... Those who mind don't matter and those who mind don't matter.

Chris: The people who are booing you aren't on the field they bought tickets to watch!

Debbie: I've got another one feeling is healing or no one is a villain in their own story.

Imogen: Oh I like that one!

Debbie: I thought it would be a fun way to end the interview on a something or something... we'll do it round robin as there's 16.

Debbie: Imogen, Cat or Dog?

Imogen: Dog

Debbie: Morning or Evening?

James: Morning.

Debbie: Text message or call

Ben: 100% text

Debbie: Summer or Winter?

Chris: Winter.

Debbie: Christmas or Halloween?

Imogen: Halloween it's my birthday! Debbie: Lust or love?

James: Love!

Debbie: Coke or Pepsi?

Ben: Coke.

Imogen: Who's picking Pepsi there the psychopaths?

Debbie: Me!

Chris: Can I touch on the Pepsi thing?.. Nobody asks how Pepsi is feeling, the only ask if coke is ok!

Band and me: laughs.....

Debbie: Streaming or downloading?

Chris: Streaming

Debbie: McDonalds or Burger King

All: McDonalds in this country...... everywhere else Burger King.

Debbie to Ben: I cannot believe this one has fallen around to you..... living room or bedroom?

Ben: Living room.

Debbie: Facebook or Twitter?

Imogen: Facebook

Debbie: Too hot or too cold?

James: Too cold

Debbie: North or South?

Ben: North

Debbie: Online shopping or personal shopping?

Chris: Personal.

Debbie: I thought it might be fun to do one last round as a band.... who is most likely? So who is most likely to get arrested?

Imogen: Chris by accident!

Debbie: Who is the most likely to go viral?

Lads: Imogen.... she's online the most, so probably her.

Debbie: Who's the most likely to get caught being naughty in a car?

Band: Definitely Jim!

Debbie:Who's most likely to do weird things in public?


Chris: Yeah but I'm not going to get me knob out on stage.

Debbie: Who's most likely to get in a fist fight?

Chris: I think Imogen.

Debbie: And finally who's most likely to die first in a zombie apocalypse?

James: Chris.

Chris: Nah... my Dad's an ex Royal Marine, I was on the scouts for 4 years and I've got 2 Blue Peter badges!

Debbie: Who's the most likely to be a politician?

Imogen: Chris as he remembers the most stuff and he's all the most political.

My thanks again to Imogen, James, Chris and Ben for your time, humour and above all music. Love you guys and cannot wait for the new single and all 2020 has to bring for this incredible band.

You can connect with Novustory on their socials Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube and I recommend you do because not only are they an incredible band, they are also incredibly funny. Their website is here and keep up to date with their latest tour information via their Reverbnation . You can also stream them via Spotify


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