Ist Ist, Sylvette & FEARS - Yes (Pink Room), Manchester Thursday 20th June 2019

June 2019, saw the 40th anniversary of the release of the seminal album that was Joy Divisions Unknown Pleasures, so seeing Manchesters Ist Ist the same month seemed a fitting.

I was early because I had a feeling that I'd need to be early for this one to get a decent position and I was right, it's the first time I've queued for a gig at Yes Pink Room, and I'm glad I did.

As we were waiting I got chatting to some really cool people, most who were telling me I was going to love Ist Ist and they weren't wrong..... but more on them in a bit.

FEARS are 4 piece band from Sheffield, who describe themselves as a an alternative rock band. I'd not heard them before this gig and walking on stage they look like most lads their age.... looks are often deceptive and by christ these guys were good. Starting with the catchy Worlds Apart they then played PDE and their 6 song set was over far too quickly for this gig goer. Check them out on Spotify if you get the chance (link below)... if you like catchy riffs, funky bass and a beat to match then you'll love these lads.

Next up was Sylvette and they had a big following too. They had 2 guitarists, bass, drums and keyboards/violin making this a massive sound. They even drafted in support of other musicians to make up the numbers for tonights gig. Their music is heavily influenced by Radiohead and Neutral Milk Hotel and it

showed. Despite the put together line up, these guys put on amazing show. Brilliant musicians and the crowd definitely warmed to them by the end of their set.

My mate Ange and I were talking about music as we do earlier this year and I said I loved Joy Division, so she asked me if I'd heard of Ist Ist and I said I hadn't so she asked me to have a listen.

When I did listen to them I was blown away. Ist Ist do draw parallels with Joy Division because of their style of playing. I'd describe them as a post-apocalyptical New Order.

From the start of their set, what blew me away most was the wall of sound.

Sophisticated, judiciously constructed songs that sound like they were from an another era. Their influence may be 40 years old but trust me Ist Ist are the future of progressive, new age melancholic brilliance. If you love Joy Division then trust you you would bloody love these guys too.

Since the gig I've read that this small tour is before the band release their first album and I for one can't bloody wait!

Pics and videos are all my own.


Ist Ist




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