Live review - YNES, Pleasure Inc & Arch Femmesis

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Easter Sunday can be bit of a weird day for those of us with no families (or ones who have disowned them). As always last night was another reminder of why the music community and those around it are like family. It was an absolute pleasure to finally meet in real life the wonderful human that is Richard Morgan who runs Indie Midlands (what a true gent) and to see Andi Callen again after over 2 years (you need to check out Andi's photography also). A big shout out to my fabulous friend Charlotte who runs Petty Music Group - this was only their third live event and the of the three I've attended 2 and both were top evenings!

This was meant to be my second gig of the weekend but with Saturday's cancelled due to unforeseen circumstances (a blessing in the end) - I was gagging for live music and on a humid, unseasonably warm Easter Sunday 3 completely different acts served up banquet of music fit for the most varied of tastes.

First up were an act I had never encountered before and will live in my memory forever - the fun, the fantastical, the fabulous Arch Femmesis. An act that practically defies clarification but one that beguiles anyone brave enough to embrace their performance. I was in awe. I have never experienced anything like this act nor will I ever! Stand our tracks for me were 'Pussy Bitch', 'Rejectile Dysfunction' and 'Madusa'. If the Pet Shop Boys, Steve Strange and Siouxsie Sue had a lovechild it would be Arch Femmesis - Dive in if you're brave enough and prepare to be stuned!

Next up Pleasure Inc a band hailing from Norwich who again I had no preconceptions of prior to tonight and again I was blown away. Five young men at the top of their game who could blow any band out of the water. They gave their all and their performance left every face in that venue with a grin as wide as the Norfolk Broads - I'm gutted I missed recording their first track on their set 'Fun of It' because quite frankly it was an explosion of musical genius. Other stand out tracks for me were 'Jonie', 'Croissant' and 'Money Talks' - they could have played for an hour and it wouldn't have been long enough for me. The best example of indie and funk I've ever experienced creating something that I absolutely adored - I was dancing and looking around the room no one else was stood still either. Hats off to you lads - loved it!

And then if the evening couldn't get any better onto the wonderful, the fabulous and uber talented YNES - Not only is she such a talentedly astute, well observed and acute lyricists, she's also one of the nicest humans you will ever meet. Her songs strike a chord with the disenfranchised, the down trodden and the disadvantaged. But don't get me wrong, it's not all doom and gloom. What I love about YNES is she has a real talent for taking real life challenges and changing them into songs that not only address the issues, they also add humour and give you hope. The age range in the room was early twenties to late 50's. Her music has mass appeal because it's real! Stand out tracks for me were ''Fake', 'Veneer' and of course 'Gods Little Punch Bag'. She'll draw comparisons with Kate Nash and maybe even Lilly Allen and I can understand why, but this young lady is her own artist! Don't underestimate how far she can go! I just feel so blessed to have seen her at such an early stage in her career.


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