Madonnatron & Leather Party - Gullivers, Monday 17th June 2019

Monday night in the Northern Quarter was rather quite but a full days rain in Manchester hadn't dampened this gig goers spirits!

I was an hour early so I had to have a few pints of Manchester MPA - lush and only £3.60 per pint so I was well happy!

I'd never been to Gullivers Function room before so was surprised at how big it was, but it's one of the smaller venues in Manchester. There couldn't have been more than 50 people in there but these were hard core fans and so the numbers didn't effect the atmosphere at all and they all seemed to know each other.

My mate Norman had gotten the train from Yorkshire as well so even this solo gig goer knew someone there.

Leather Party I had no idea about to be honest but their T-Shirt was pretty cool with the invitation D'Ya Wanna Come To A Leather Party?

This one guy also kept shouting at the singer to get his tits out for the lads and after 3 songs I think to shut him up more than anything he obliged with one nipple which seemed to satisfy!

As was the theme of the night this was a punk influenced set. I had to do a double take when I saw the bass player as he reminded me of Metallica's Clif Burton (RIP) but a more heavy metal version (really) - The lead guitarist and singer rocking the 1950's James Dean look.

The sound tonight wasn't the greatest and these guys were having to have things adjusted a few times - I don't know if it's an issue with the venue or a theme for the night but I couldn't hear these guys that well as there was too much bass and reverb so the vocals suffered. But this was punk so does it really bloody matter anyway?

What I did hear I liked so I'd like to see these guys in a different setting before I could form a proper opinion.

The stage is at the bottom of the room with no stage door so Madonnatron had to walk passed me to get to the stage. I'd been listening to their stuff for a few days before so I could get a feel for their vibe, but punk on record is never the same in the flesh.

When these goddesses of the art of punk walked passed me I was in awe. You know some people have a confidence that just emanates from them as if they could walk through steel? Well these ladies have it in spades!

The title of their latest album Music Alla Puttanesca tells you what this band are about.

As they stood and did some final tuning a fire alarm went off and so we were all confused at first if we would have to leave. Then the lights went out for a good 3-4 minutes... technical issues were the bane of this gig...

I hung to the side and a few rows from the front, partly due to someone standing right in front of me (I couldn't be arsed to argue). But this gave me a different view to the one I normally have at these smaller venues so I was able to wander in the mind a bit more than usual.

The pre-gig glitches and then the red lights coming on again made me think of the witches at the beginning of Macbeth, only these witches were summoning up the demons of punk and we were their familiars.

I think it all added to the anticipation truth be told because when they did open with the mighty SuckerPunch (one of my favourites) the crowd were well and truly up for this.

Technical issues again with sound blighted this set so I'm definitely going to see these ladies again if the opportunity presents itself.

I've done some pics and a few videos and the quality isn't great but as I said earlier this is punk and this wasn't the best venue or sound so I'll take it for what it was.... sexy, sultry, dirty, exciting, raw punk rock.



Leather Party


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