Review - The Howl and The Hum, Deaf Institute, Manchester, Friday 27th September 2019 

The Howl & The Hum headlined my first gig this year back in January. It was special for many reasons.

Firstly they blew me away.

I mean this band is incredible live. I met them afterwards and they were such a lovely bunch of lads, and I met a couple Lee and Ange who are now amongst my bestest mates. I truly love them. They're family to me and we've had so many amazing times together since then.

As soon as I saw these tickets go on sale I messaged them and they said yes let's go again. It was full circle for us and I was so looking forward to seeing them again with these two beautiful people.

It's funny because I said before the gig I wasn't going to review this one. I just wanted to enjoy. But having been and seen the level of performance I saw last night I had to share some of the magic with you.

Due to road closures and delays on finding parking spaces we missed the support act Talk Boy (sorry guys).

It was a pleasure bumping into Sophie (Hi darling) who I met at Castlefield Bowl earlier in the year at The Wombats. I was dancing around singing to Damage Done by Sea Girls and she joined in. We share a love of music and her fella Matt is a sweetheart too.


The Howl and The Hum.

Don't ask me about the order of the songs because I was too caught up with the performance. They did Last Boy Racer, I Wish I Was A Shark (a crowd favourite), Manea, Portrait I, Terrorforming, Hall of Fame, Human Contact, Portrait I and a song from their new album which they apologised about for being a happy one (we all laughed).

On Sweet Fading Silver the house lights came up and the glitter ball was lit in all it's glory. You can see the video below, but of course I wanted to keep it on the band, so you don't quite get the magic of what the room looked like. It was absolutely stunning! Everyone had a massive smile on their face. The love in the room was tangible and rightly so. This band is a band who if you're into, you love them. Pure love.

They finished on Godmanchester Chinese Bridge, which is unequivocally one of the most incredibly beautiful songs you will ever hear live. We all sang along and it was one of the most magical experiences. I had tears in my eyes it was that moving.

They said during their set that they play miserable disco.

If this is miserable disco, I don't ever want to cheer up.

Spotify: The Howl & The Hum

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