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atmos bloom - pic credit Liv Kenny

Manchester has a habit of producing some phenomenal bands and wherever you sit on the musical taste genre atmos bloom (yes it's in small case), are a band that you need to be listening to. I'm excited by this band. They have a sound that whisks the listener away to a calmer, happier place.

I close my eyes and I'm in the sunshine, with a calm warm breeze and a chilled pint in my hand. I find their sound the perfect antithesis, to the real world right now. It's a dreamy gorgeous musical escape!

I caught up with the band (Tilda Gratton and Curtis Paterson) so you can get to know a little more about them and what makes them tick.

Dreaminisfree: How would you describe your sound to someone who had never heard your music before?

atmos bloom: Dreamy, escapist indie pop that's both happy and sad simultaneously.

Who was the first artist or musicians who’s you feel in love with ?

The Cure are the first band we both fell in love with and still love today.

What’s your creative process like? Do you both write together?

For the EP, we both had a collection of bedroom demos from lockdown, so once we were able to meet up we recorded our favourites adding new elements and bringing together ideas.

Sometimes we loop drums, Tilda will lay a bass over and then both of us put down guitar tracks, we like to experiment with writing and recording processes.

How have you found COVID and the flurry of lockdowns?

2020 opened up the possibility of more time to write music and allowed us to experiment with lots of different recording techniques. atmos bloom evolved naturally for us wanting to keep as creative as possible whilst locked up in our houses and was a bit of a saviour really. In that way the pandemic was a blessing for us but its been difficult for us as musicians and just people, fingers crossed for live music this year.

What music’s kept you sane to in lockdown?

Alex G, Froth, CASTLEBEAT, Beach Fossils, Beat Happening

Did you discover any new artists in 2020 who you fell in love with and if so who were they?

Lost Film, Fog Lake, Loving

Any plans to tour once we’re allowed to have live music again? (please say yes – I would love to see you play)

Definitely, our live shows are in the works!

Do either of you have any hidden talents that we wouldn’t necessarily be aware of?

We both like to draw and paint, Curtis is especially good at doing cartoons and little comics.

atmos bloom - pic credit Liv Kenny

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