Shine A Light Sunday: Benedict

Benedict - Pic credit Bowie Verschuuren

When you first hear Benedict's wistfully beautiful ballads, it’s hard to picture the face of the man responsible for the notes. I know I've given the game away with the main picture in this article, but listen to his latest single 'When We Were Young' and you'll understand my reasoning.

I want to extend my massive gratitude to a lady who's become a great musical ally in lockdown, the lovely Laura Rosierse of Lively Music Management.

She emailed me the aforementioned track a few weeks ago, as she'd been collaborating with Benedict on the video. Whilst watching the video, I wept. Whether I was grieving for a lost youth, lost love, lost opportunities or my former self (I'm a proud trans woman) I don't know - but I cried buckets.

Music is the most quintessential of arts when it comes to putting us in touch with our emotions. When the song connects with our deepest feelings, for me its one of the impactful of sensory experiences that I get from no other artform. The connection from someone else putting into an artform, the emotional things we've been through/are going through, I believe is why so many people have a love of music.

Benedict is heavily influenced by The National, Tindersticks and Nick Cave and when you listen you can clearly hear this in his music.

His dulcet tones almost speaking his lyrics over intensely, undulating piano accompanied by other arrangements - give his music a sensitivity that is not for the faint hearted. This music will bring any underlying emotions you have to the surface. But as a one of my soul sisters and I keep saying to each other -feeling is healing.

Benedict's alternative, slightly dark sound is one that takes you on a personal and infectious ride. You will come out of this experience having shed some of your pain. For that reason alone I implore to listen to this man's music.

Benedict - Pic credit Bowie Verschuuren




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