Shine A Light Sunday: Common Saints

Sitting here on one of the most beautiful sunny Sunday's, with a glorious September sunshine beating through my loft windows, I can't think of a more appropriate band to Shine A Light on this Sunday.

Commons Saints is the product of London based producer and multi-instrumentalist Charlie J Perry who's produced names like produced BTS, Jorja Smith, Maverick Sabre and is now working on this passion based project.

If you enjoy music that's psychedelic, with bags of soul and funk then this is going to be right up your street. The songs sound as if they've been picked up from the long lost recordings of a super soul/funk group, from the original summer of love; with a 21st century production.

Despite having released just two tracks so far, as soon as their debut EP was available to pre-order then it put my name down for one. If that's not testament enough for you then have a listen to 'Idol Eyes' and 'Summer Sun' the previous releases. They will blow your fucking mind!

Aside from his music Common Saints are a bit of an enigma online - sure they appear on Spotify, Soundcloud, Instagram and Facebook. Their YouTube channel has one video on it (see below) for their last single 'Summer Sun'. It's as far out and magically trippy as their music.

The main vibe I'm getting from the online presence is they would much rather let their music do the talking! Their Spotify logo reads 'You are beautiful" - no more no less. When I reached out to ask if they wouldn't mind answering a few questions as I'm really interested to understand a little more about them as an artist, they thankfully obliged.

He told me about how lockdown has been, a mutual love of one of the most iconic albums from the 1990's and his future plans.

Dreaminisfree: How would you describe your sound to someone who hasn’t heard your music before?

Common Saints: I would say psychedelic soul, cosmic funk, kinda like the 70’s with more sub frequencies. I wanted to create something fresh, authentic and full of depth. Like a time pendulum swinging 60 years in each direction.

What’s your creative process – do you all write collaboratively?

So far Common Saints is just me and will be more collaborative. I usually start with a chord progression that inspires me, something unusual and sometimes challenging. Other times inspiration can hit with just one sound or lyric. The interplay between the drums / bass and keys / guitars is particularly important to me so I try getting those vibing and then vocals generally come after. Idol Eyes EP also includes a collaboration with virtuoso Saxophonist Brandon Wright who plays alongside Nile Rogers and CHIC. We met after a CHIC concert and jelled instantly, he came to the studio and vibed on the tracks effortlessly. You can hear his stylings on "Summer Sun" and "Letting Go".

I’ve actually pre-ordered Idol Eyes EP and can’t wait to hear the other tracks. How long has it been in the making?

Thank you! I hope you enjoy the rest of it. The EP didn’t take too long to put together, some songs are from the conception of the project in 2018/19. It was such a fun process to get all the artwork done (Daren Newman did the cover) and put together the track list to make it flow etc. Let the EP play out on the vinyl as there's a little Easter egg of what's to come....

How has lockdown been for you?

Ups and downs! I live in a recording studio so I have had all my instruments and equipment. Strange not seeing anyone for weeks on end though, pretty trippy. Making music can be quite an anti-social pastime with a lot of time spent editing etc alone so it wasn’t completely alien to me. That said it made me appreciate time spent with people more and especially my family. I didn’t do any “Zoom” recording sessions.

Are you planning a tour in 2021?

There wont be a tour as of yet, next year will just be more releases and building the presence online. I have been discussing a future tour with people and there will likely be a few select places and events that we will be targeting. We have a lot of ideas for immersive live shows.

What’s next after the EP?

There's another EP in the making and I’ve already embarked upon the debut album which is shaping up

Finally I usually ask my guests this when I interview them. If I gave you £20 and you were able to choose two albums in any format with the money which ones would you choose and why?

Hmmm, that’s a tough one! You could probably get a lot of second hand vinyl for £20! I’d probably say get Bill Withers Just as I am (1971) as you can listen to that start to finish and its just joyous. RIP Bill, what a legend. Notable songs 'Grandmas Hands', 'Hope She’ll be Happier' and of course… 'Ain’t no Sunshine'. Second one… get Air – Moon Safari (1998) This is an absolute classic and will transport you to another planet for a moment. Notable songs 'All I need' and 'La Femme D’argent'.

You can purchase Common Saints debut EP Idol Eyes via this link - the digital version is out 9 October , or if you're a vinyl junkie (like I am) you can order the 12" version that will ship 20 October.

Summing this artist up in one word - Astonishing!

For fans of Air, Bill Withers, Kamal Williams, Juliper Sky, Purple Heart Parade, Goa Express, The Orielles.

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