Shine A Light Sunday - Harry Mackie 23/08

This weeks 'Shine A Light Sunday' I'm absolutely delighted to bring you Manchester singer/songwriter Harry Mackie. I'm going to be gushing about this lad and for a very good reason - his voice is nothing short of remarkable. It's insane how talented this young man is!

Harry reached out to me after he was referred by Michael Webster and I'm so glad that he did, because this young man has a fucking incredible voice! The first time I heard his new single 'The Middle' I was dumbstruck, his voice is the kind of voice that makes your hairs stand on end. It's just sensational!

As is the new format for 'Shine A Light Sunday', I've asked Harry a few questions in the run up to the release:

Dreaminisfree: How would you describe your sound to someone who hasn’t heard your music before?

Harry Mackie: I think it all fits under ‘Indie’ but it really depends on the song. If you like sing-along songs at festivals I think it could be for you

Your last single, ‘Give Me It All’, has a stunning live feel to it. What was it like recording it like that?

It didn’t take long at all, the whole thing was recorded and produced in about 2 hours. I wrote it around the same time I started performing in pubs so just wanted to write something that would fit those kind of gigs.

What message would you like people to take from ‘The Middle’?

I think it’s whatever the individual wants to take away from it. I wrote it about my personal experience with being all or nothing and how someone helps me find balance between the two. If someone connects with that great! But if you think the most meaningful part of the song is something else, who am I to argue?

Some people have been using lockdown to work more on creative projects or learn new skills, whilst some have used it to take time to focus on mindfulness and just taking each day as it comes. How have you found lockdown?

I enjoyed it to be honest. I was very lucky to be surrounded by the right people who helped make the whole thing easier. I was working on The Middle for most of it but I also watched tons of films and went on daily dog walks which was all good fun. I did get writers block throughout lockdown though, I found myself writing the same sort of song over and over again.

What have you got in the pipeline? New single, debut album?

Sadly there’s no album planned yet but ‘The Middle’ is my latest single that’s going be out on the 28th of August.

Once lockdown is over and we’re all back to live music and touring again where are you looking forward to playing the most?

Literally anywhere! I’ve missed playing open mic nights so much. I’m looking forward to playing at a pub in Manchester called The English Lounge, I had a gig lined up before lockdown but it got cancelled so I’ll be back there once everything’s safe again. It’s got a great atmosphere on a busy night.

I cannot wait for you guys to hear this new track and if you want to hear what I'm on about and have a amuse bouche of what you're in store for, then go and listen to his last single 'Give Me It All' - I close my eyes and for the life of me I cannot believe what I'm hearing. I could see this lad playing this at Manchester's Albert Hall and going down an absolute storm!

As a treat and to show you all how bloody amazing Harry is, I've included his cover of Hozier's 'Talk' in this review. Outstanding!

'The Middle' is out on Friday 28 August.

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