Shine A Light Sunday: Munkey Junkey

Munkey Junkey pic credit Dreaminisfree

Shine A Light Sunday this week takes a look at Kurran Karbal aka Munkey Junkey. Not only is he an absolutely phenomenal guitar player in Zuzu's band (power couple alert), he's also an incredible solo artist, multi instrumentalist and producer.

He released two singles in 2019 'Look Out Below' and 'Cut Me Off' as well as an EP Going Pro At Letting Go which also included another four stellar tracks.

2020 has seen him release another single in 'Reverse' before his latest EP Numbness which opens with the most stunningly raw 31; the pain he's gone through is laid bare for the world to hear and it's incredibly poignant. Karbal has taken lockdown to write tracks via live streams and watching his creative process is mind blowing.

The pics in this article were taken when I saw him support Zuzu at Jimmy's Manchester (RIP).

You know when you're watching a support artist and you're just blown away by what you're seeing? That.

If you're a fan of artists like The Weeknd, Post Malone, Frank Ocean, Childish Gambino or I'm going to go a bit leftfield here and say Cautious Clay then you're going to love Munkey Junkey. Go give him a listen - you will not regret it.

I've also included the video for Numbness - proof he's as good a dancer as he is at playing guitar!

Munkey Junkey pic credit Dreaminisfree

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