Shine A Light Sunday: Plastic Glass

Plastic Glass - Pic credit Ricky Loves Photography

Shine A Light Sunday is all about bringing you the hottest new artists, some you may be aware of others you may not. The North East of England currently is a hot bed of talent and Plastic Glass of Sunderland are an indie band who are starting to make waves up in the North East music scene.

There last single 'Going Away' was a bit of a banger and if you go back and listen to their back catalogue you'll see that this isn't a one off. I love their sound and BBC Newcastle and Radio 6 are starting to take notice too.

I was lucky enough to catch up with Ben from the band a few weeks ago - Plastic Glass are Lewis Conlin (vocals), Dylan Abbott (lead guitar), Ben Richardson (bass) and Frazer Graham (drums)

How would you describe your sound to someone who had never heard your music before?

Loud, energetic, indie-rock. Fun music, perfect for live shows and dancing at home. To be listened to at full volume.

Who was the first artist or musician who’s you feel in love with (all of you can answer this one)?

Ben - Paulo Nutini

Dylan - Pink Floyd

Lewis - Michael Jackson

Frazer - Arctic Monkeys

What’s your creative process like and has the single had to be different due to Lockdown and COVID19?

Our creative process really differs from track to track, they tend to start off in different ways, either Lewis or Dylan having the basis to a track, or together we all work on it from scratch, but no matter what, we always finish the tracks together. To be honest, apart from the music video, this single hasn’t really been too different. Luckily we got it recorded back in December last year so we’ve had it in the bank for a while so yeah, the whole pandemic malarky hasn’t really affected this release.

How have you found lockdown?

It’s been hard, there’s no denying that. Going out and playing our music is what we love most (and sinking pints) so not being able to do either of those has made this year super tricky. Especially going out on such a high, with shows across the UK, going from that to nothing was super tricky.

What music have you been listening to in lockdown?

Ooooh it’s hard to put my finger on something, lockdowns been a massive amount of time now so loads of stuff. My playlist for this year has loads of cool bands in, I think the people that feature the most are probably Zuzu, Lauran Hibbery, The Lottery Winners, Mt. Misery and Trunky Juno. I know Dylan has been digging Phoebe Bridgers too.

Which music has been your favourite discovery in 2020?

Hmm, again, so much amazing music around right now. Thinking of the lads too and something we’ve all been loving it’d have to be a band called noyou from Sunderland. They’re one of our favourites around, just pure indie pop, dance ready music.

Any plans to tour once we’re allowed to have live music again?

100%. We played shows across the UK at the start of the year and certainly will do again. I’m losing track of all the dates we have pencilled in as they keep moving around, but for sure, we’ll be out there playing as much as possible.

Do any of you have any hidden talents that we wouldn’t necessarily be aware of?

Hahaha erm I’m not sure. I don’t think so.

Keep your eye out for Plasitc Glass on tour in 2021 (hopefully) - they're not going to be playing smaller intimate venues for long.

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Plastic Glass - Pic credit Ricky Loves Photography

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