Shine A Light Sunday: Poppy Fardell

This weeks Shine A Light Sunday, shines a light on the incredible talent that is Poppy Fardell.

Capturing audiences with her fresh country sound & traditional Nashville storytelling, there's a engaging truth with her song writing.

She's already a top ten artist in the iTunes UK Country Chart, her beguiling vocals making her ‘one to watch’ in the U.K. Country Music Scene. She's played The Camden Chapel at female led writers round 'Write Like A Girl', The Water Rats & The Green Note. She recently made her 'Song Suffragette' debut & was nominated by ‘Nashville Meets Word’ & ‘Belles & Gals’, alongside artists such as Twinnie, at The Country Music Spotlight Awards for 'Best Newcomer'. Poppy is currently recording and releasing tracks for her first EP.

She cites her influences as The Chicks, Dolly Parton, James Taylor, Shania Twain, Kacey Musgraves, Cam, Maren Morris, Lainey Wilson, Taylor Swift - you can hear elements of them all in her songs, but she retains an individuality that sets her out as an incredibly talented songwriter.

If you were a fan of Nashville the TV show then you're going to love these songs - 'Lose Myself In You' and 'Better Start' you can imagine Juliet Barnes singing! That's testament to Poppy as a artist.

I was going to include the brand new video to her single 'Better Start' in this article, but I then went to include her YouTube channel link in her social links below and I saw the video to an as yet unreleased song, 'Wish I Knew Why'. A song she's written about dealing with health issues in the past, as well as the world as she see's it right now. I'm in awe!

Is Poppy Fardell destined to be a global Country Music Superstar? If this video and her previous releases are anything to go by then the answer is emphatically yes!

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