Shine a light Sunday - San Pedro Collective

San Pedro Collective - pic courtesy of the band

Shine A Light Sunday is a brand new feature on Dreaminsfree - I want to share bands with you who's music I love and you need to be listening to.

First up is San Pedro Collective who formed in June 2018. The brain child of Rikki Turner (Paris Angels and The Hurt) and Suddi Raval legendary producer, DJ and author of A Brief History of Acid House -The line up is Rikki Turner, vocalist Millie Macbean and Simon Wolstencroft (The Fall).

The San Pedro Collective have since June 2018 added Keith Higgins, Justin Lenard and Nature of Wire vocalist Sarah Bouchier to the family.

If you're a clubber of a certain vintage and you reminisce of Balearic sunsets, or you just love great dance music then you need to get your ears around these guys music.

For fans of Faithless, Underworld, The Chemical Brothers, Massive Attack, Kosheen, Portishead and Orbital.

Their last release Where Do I Begin, there last single was released in February 2020. It's a stunning track, one that will take you back the hedonistic days of clubbing, watching those Ibizan sunsets, loosing all track of time and space - you will love it.

You can check out the video Where Do I Begin below.

You can also stream their releases on Spotify

San Pedro Collective are also on Facebook Twitter Instagram

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