Shine A Light Sunday: The Battery Farm

The Battery Farm - Pic credit Trust A Fox Photography

Shine A Light Sunday this weeks features Manchester's gutter punks and all round fucking legends The Battery Farm.

I remember the first time I heard their music - I was sitting at my desk at work, listening to Spotify and I heard 97/91 their first single. I was shell shocked! WTF had I just listened to?!

The intensity of their music is something to behold and luckily I got to see the lads perform live at The Globe in Glossop a few weeks before the shit show that is COVID19 put a spanner in the works of live performances for what feels like forever.

I thought the intensity of the track was something..... live it was another level. Ben Cory the frontman is the most humble, kind and unassuming man you could ever wish to meet, put him on a stage and it's as if the ghost of all past punks possess him and he turns into this human vessel of pure punk rage. It's terrifyingly brilliant! It's not just him neither. Brother Dominic who plays guitar is equally as dazzling.

Then you have a rhythm section of Ben and Paul, again when I interviewed the lads last year these two were the quietest of the band but on stage their energy is another level - they really are the pounding heart of the band. Only this one, has been on a 48 hour bender of substances that shouldn't be going anywhere near the human body!

I'm gutted for the lads that COVID19 cancelled their gig supporting False Heads another of my favourite bands earlier this year, because I knew that that gig was probably going to be the most intense gigs I'd ever been to. If there is a God, then I pray to all things holy that this will be rearranged!

Their last release Poet Boy was far more melodic than their previous releases. With four releases so far, it feels as though they just haven't released enough music to satiate my unparalleled appetite for new music - but we don't have to wait too long.

The lads next track Maggotline is out on 23rd October and having had an early listen I can promise you this much - It's a two minutes and nineteen second explosion of utter punk perfection. The lads are definitely channelling their inner Buzzcocks in this record - the speed and intensity of this track is blistering. The harmonies are surprising and sensational - the bass and drums again are scintillating. If you're a fan of the band you're definitely going to be surprised at this release - it's less thrashy than their previous releases; but trust me, it's so fucking classy!

They also have their debut EP Endless Unstoppable Pain coming out 27th November - I can't wait!

I'm sharing the very first song of theirs that blew my socks off all those months ago - this is taken from that gig at The Globe

Summing this band up in one word - Blistering!

For fans of False Heads, Sprints, IDLES, Fontaines DC, Heavy Lungs, Girl Band, Amyl and The Nitrates, shame, The Murder Capital, Talk Show.

The Battery Farm - Pic credit Trust A Fox Photography

The Battery Farm







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