Shine A Light Sunday: Tragicomics


This weeks Shine A Light Sunday takes a look at the eclectically named and sounding Tragicomics, a six-piece band from the North West.

I'll be honest when bands get this large the sound can often become a hodge-podge that's overbearing, but like The Levellers these guys pull it off and with great aplomb.

Occupying a niche somewhere between The Divine Comedy (not just a witty pun) and The Wannadies, Drowned in Sound once called their sound a ‘widescreen English Americana’. It's a pretty accurate description

In June 2020 they released 'KLO', the fourth song taken from the forthcoming record (release date tbc). The song is a bit of an earworm and the video adds a curious depth to the track. Perhaps showing the juxtapose of human opinions and when we take the time to get to make the connection, seeing beyond our differences that's when we truly see the person.

At least that's what it meant to me - that's the thing about art though its all down to individual interpretation.

Other stand out tracks for me from their back catalogue are 'Tru Luv' and 'Gender Agenda' and they have piqued my interest so much so that I am looking forward to hearing their next release.

To create something as unique as Tragicomics have done, takes a certain amount of capability, a pinch of perception and a slathering of savvy. Tragicomics have definitely cultivated something is equally unique as it is vivid.








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