Single of the Week - 25th Hour 'Start Again'

Dreaminisfree's first Single of the Week is from a Manchester band who are taking the heritage of this great musical city and taking it in an exciting new direction.

The band are 25th Hour and their new single 'Start Again' is the latest offering from a incredibly talented group of young musicians. Fronted by badass Jade Haynes (Lead vocals and Bass) they also have Shae Cathcart (Lead guitar and Programming), Peter Quinn (Rhythm Guitar) and Tom Knaggs (Drums and backing vocals).

I've seen live footage on their socials from the last gig at Off the Square on 30 April (one I couldn't make due to work commitments) and they smashed it out of the park!

This is a band you need to sit up and take notice of. If you're a fan of Gen and The Degenerates or Novustory then this band will be up your street. To be writing songs this good at the start of their careers, means that they're only destined for greatness.

I only share music I believe in and believe me when I say this - this band has great potential!

You can stream 'Start Again' here

Summing this track up in one word - exhilarating!

25th Hour

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