Single Preview - Don't Stop, Bugeye

If you've read this blog previously you'll know I'm a fan of upbeat pop infused indie and Bugeye. I reviewed their last single Electric (review) and their new single Don't Stop picks up from where the last one left off.

The video has already been released ahead of the single which is released via independent label Reckless on 28th February 2020.

The band have said it's about alcohol abuse and the cyclical state that goes hand in hand with this.... the denial of having an issue with alcohol in the first place and the pressure that society and the media put on us.

I love this track - As with all of their music it's catchy as hell and once you've heard it you can't help but want to play it again. Not gonna lie I've streamed the video around 10 times this morning already. For me the video for Don't Stop is very reminiscent of the Sledgehammer video from Peter Gabriel and that's a massive compliment I know but you can see the influence is there. What makes this different from the Sledgehammer video for me aside from that was then and this is now is that I actually like this song more. The video for me is way more fun. You cannot help but smile at this video and part of it's triumph is that they've taken such a dark subject matter and made it fun.

I literally cannot wait to see these ladies live this year and for the release of their debut album.

If you want to catch them live then confirmed dates for 2020 so far are:

29th Feb - Club Colis (Camden Rocks) London

7th Feb - GRL/AMPT Festival, Middlesborough

13th March - Actress & Bishop, Birmingham

14th March - St James' Vault Bath

20th March - The Black Prince, Northampton

21st March The Half Moon, Bishops's Stortford

You can connect with Bugeye on Spotify, Instagram, Facebook & Twitter, YouTube


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