Single preview - Holiday In Tokyo 'Make My Day'

I had the pleasure of reviewing Holiday In Tokyo's debut EP , Las Lucas Is Overgrown in October last year and was a big fan of the band then. Almost 12 months later, on 24 September the lads are set to release their next single 'Make My Day'.

'Make My Day' is actually one of the band's earliest songs, in it's original arrangement leaning more towards an indie-rock production style. However as Holiday in Tokyo formed their sound into what would become 2020's Las Yucas Is Overgrown EP, the song introduced more influence from Mac Demarco and Liz Lawrence, creating a fast paced, disco-beat pop track with the laid back guitar tones of the band's earlier song "The Swing".

Where their debut EP was more of a lets sit and absorb the gorgeousness of this brilliant bunch of songs, the new track is without doubt far more upbeat. You're gonna want to dance!

Matty from the band said about the track: " By age 23 I'd managed to get my degree, get a good job and buy my own home. It was at this point where it felt like a large drum had sounded, indicating that there was nothing left for me to do and that I had whizzed by my formative years. The song is a reflection of that, but also a kick in the backside. Just because you've done everything that seems expected of you, doesn't mean you can't go after what you want."

If you're free this Saturday you can catch Holiday In Tokyo at Little Buildings with Bosola and Reservoirs - tickets can be found here

Summing this track up in one word - frollick!

For fans of The National Band of Horses Bon Iver Fleet Foxes

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