Single preview: HUDSUN - 'Run'

Updated: Jul 3, 2020

Run artwork courtesy HUDSUN

'Run' set for release 3 July is the fourth single from Manchester based rocktronic artist HUDSUN.

HUDSUN is creating something really special and a million miles from his last act Sly Antics. With soulful vocals, contagious melodies and songs that could happily grace any Hollywood Blockbuster. The production on this track is dazzling, it just oozes nobility. It's one of those tracks that whilst it's playing in your ears, you feel as though you're invincible, maybe even immortal.

I can see John Wick walking towards camera, buildings exploding behind him with this blasting through the speakers - it's that good!

"Run is about someone who is speeding through life far too quickly, believing that they are heading towards something great when really they are missing out on life. It’s an acknowledgment of feeling like you are constantly underachieving and therefore unable to take a rest but in the process, draining yourself of energy and losing touch with people who care for you” HUDSUN told us before Run's release.

You can pre-save 'Run' via this link

HUDSUN also shot the video for 'Run' in his garage during lockdown and having seen teasers on social media, I can't wait for this to premier at 12pm BST on 3 July (see below)








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