Single Preview: JCK - Shut Up & Drive

JCK are a band that I've previously interviewed (link) and seen live at Gulliver's N.Q. supporting Dolphin Centre (gig review) so I was delighted when front man Jack Parker asked me if I would be interested in doing a preview of their second single release, Shut and Drive.

Jack said in the interview that we did that he want's to create a community with JCK - it's about people coming together whatever their art form for their love of music.

The lads have used a recording of chants of JCK, JCK, JCK from one of their gigs.... Their inclusive attitude is infectious, as is this song.

This one starts off much faster and funkier than their last offering Have A Nice Day.

Harrison's bass playing comes to the fore very early on in this track and that's a good thing because this lad can play! When mixed with Harry's beats the rhythm section provide the backbone to a sing that you cannot help but dance to.

The lads draw their influences from Hip Hop and it shows. This is a funky, dancy, indie fusion and I bloody love it.

I heard something about artists today on BBC Radio 6 as I was driving... The presenter said that singles are like chapters and with each chapter an artist takes you on another little adventure...

I cannot wait to see where this story ends up going.

Shut Up & Drive is out tomorrow and you can listen via Spotify.

Keep going JCK - I love what you're doing.


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