Single preview: RAE - Never Meant To Start A Witch Hunt

RAE 's debut single 'Never Meant To Start A Witch Hunt’ is released on Friday 12th June. Reborn from the indie/pop group Ørmstons, RAE offer a more rock heavy sound with a demeanour of insurgency.

Taking influences from Marmozets and YONAKA, they aim to have a chaotic energy that makes people feel fearless and confident.

‘Never Meant To Start A Witch Hunt’ is about leaving behind the relationships and friendships that aren’t good for you. It’s sometimes hard for you to see clearly how someone’s actions are affecting your life until you take a step back and look at the bigger picture. It also highlights the importance of karma, always expect for things to come back round when you have been in the wrong and don’t point the finger at other people when it does', the band announced prior to the release.

I've been lucky enough to listen to this for a while now - You know when you hear a track for the first time and you're brain just explodes? Your sense are like, OMFG where has this track been all of my life? Well track is one of them.

Never Meant To Start A Witch Hunt' has a raw vulnerability that takes real strength. When you've been through the mill, bedraggled and your lowest point - you have no other option than to rise.

A killer riff interwoven with Jess's demonically sultry vocals, supported by a rhythm section that Royal Blood would be proud of. This is an impressive debut single and a million miles away from the previous incarnation of Ørmstons.

Jess Huxham and RAE have definitely risen!

You can pre-save Never Meant To Start A Witch Hunt via this link





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