Single Preview: Springfield Elementary - Doctor Doctor

Springfield Elementary are one of Manchester's hottest new bands. If acid punk is your jam then Springfield Elementary are a band you need to be listening to. It's rather apt given the current environment that their latest new single ‘Doctor, Doctor’, released under DIY label Detention Records drops tomorrow.

'Doctor Doctor' already a favourite from their live sets is based around the struggles of living with anxiety.

Speaking before 'Doctor Doctor' release frontman Billy Goodwin told us, "Doctor Doctor was written after years of mental health struggles and the hopeless feeling that comes from living within a relentlessly individualistic and selfish society. It is more anthemic than our other stuff, a sort of ballad for the battered mind with a slight dash of optimism. I wrote the lyrics ages ago, and recorded it well before the lockdown was implemented, but I think it definitely reflects a lot of people's moods right now. I think the COVID-19 epidemic has been especially difficult for people living with mental health issues, and I hope they find strength and solace in this song (or at least relatability to know their anxieties aren’t alone)."

Springfield Elementary L-R: Liam Moffat (Bass), Billy Goodwin (Vocals/Guitar), Chris Tomkinson (Drums) and Brad Lewis (Lead Guitar). .

I'm one of those people who have those earphones that personalise your hearing experience - without a doubt this is the kind of tune these headphones were made for!

Right from the off the gargantuan bass, infused with a riff that you could hang your washing on hits you with a smack around the chops. Billy's lyrics are incredibly heartfelt and delivered with such a passion that it's enough to make the hardest of men, have a little tear in their eyes. That crescendo as well...... is nothing short of magnificent.

These lads are an incredible talent and its only a matter of time before the rest of the world catches up. If you're a fan of bands like Coach Party, Fontaines DC, Idles and Calva Louise then you need to get your ears around this track.

It's a solid nine out of ten from me.

Springfield Elementary up and coming gigs (*headline):

30th August - LIVERPOOL, Crapfest W/ Salt The Snail, Mouses, Gen & The Degenerates

1st October - LIVERPOOL, Jacaranda Club*

29th November - MANCHESTER. YANA Fest W/ Deja Vega, Purple Heart Parade, Hey Bulldog

Springfield Elementary






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