Single Preview - Tay Temple, Millennials

Day 4 of 7 artists in 7 days, see's me featuring a very different kind of artist to yesterday's article with Dirty Laces.

Today the genre is the dreamy, folk influenced tones of Tay Temple with her spectacular debut Millennials. Whilst this is Tay's debut single she's already established a following in the last 12 months playing gigs across Manchester.

Tay sings songs about her generation and the attitudes of mainstream media towards her and the rest of her peers. Millennials is a song about the lack of acknowledgement and respect her generation receives from those older than her. It's asking those in power to listen before they fuck everything up; for her generation to have to pick up the pieces. It's about the lack of care for the planet, asking for their voices to be listened to before it's too late.

Tay is going to draw comparisons from Fleetwood Mac, Cranberries and even Kirsty MacColl - this young lady needs to keep going. There's a gap in the industry to pick up the metal from where those ladies left it. If you're a fan of newer bands like Martha Gunn and The Wandering Hearts you're going to love this lady.

The song starts off with her voice and a her guitar so there's nowhere for her voice to hide - she doesn't need it. Her voice is stunning! It's 3 minutes and 23 seconds of folky heaven; whilst the subject matter is a serious message from her generation, it's also a song of hope.

It's a song asking for her generation to be listened to. The song has a very serious message; ending with the lyrics, "You're Just in our way, We've got something to say, So listen it's not too late" - Powerful words indeed!

I've had the link for about a week now and I've streamed it about 20 times now - it gets better with every listen. With a debut as good as this, I'm very excited to hear what's next from Tay.

If you'd like to see Tay play then you can on Monday 9th March 2020 with her single launch at Gullivers in Manchester. The gig is in aid of The Extinction Rebellion movement and tickets can be found here

You can pre-save Millenials here

Tay's socials: Instagram Facebook Twitter


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