Single Preview: The One Eyed General's Bandit 'I'm Glad You Caught Me When You Did'

Manchester's Indie/Blue's rockers The One Eyed General's Bandit (TOEGB) new single 'I'm Glad You Caught Me When You Did' comes out on July 17, and having listened to it I'd recommend you give this little gem a pre-save.

I get it that an amalgamation of indie/blues isn't going to be to everyone's taste but this is my cup of tea. Think The Coral meets Creedance Clearwater Revival and you're on the right tracks.

It's starts off with a great indie hook and builds to is a beautiful song about being scared to show our vulnerability and when we do and it's met with tenderness and love, it's such a beautiful thing. The song is an ode to that person, thanking them for coming along when they did.

The video with the hamster, shot in a silent film style is brilliant and had me laughing after a long hard day at work.

So it's a track that has a deep message if you want to hear it, or you can just have a laugh and smile at the rather excellent video. TOEGB have a decent back catalogue as well, so if you liked this track then go and check out 'Feed' and 'An Offer I Still Refuse'.

8/10 - Hamtastic!

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