Single review - Alice Mary 'Surgeon'

'Surgeon' single artwork credit - Geraldine Nassieu-Mauppas

'Surgeon' is the third single to be released this year from London based Alice Mary and it's just as beautiful as her previous releases this year.

‘The surgeon who loved you, sewed you back together’, is the opening line of the track but for me it's the woozy synthesisers and riff that draws you in. There's a beauty, in something that seems so fragile and delicately balanced.

The song handles how violent it is to watch someone you love hurt them self, and the struggle to process what you’ve seen even years later, wondering if there was more you could have done to help.

"‘Surgeon' is about something I never thought I’d write about until I did. I ended up writing the lyrics in this really simple, almost childlike style, because that’s the only way I could lookback at what had happened".

Summing this track up in one word - rarefied

For fans of - Art School Girlfriend Marika Hackman St.Vincent

Alice Mary - Pic credit Ben Peter Catchpole

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