Single review- Asking For A Friend 'Democracy'

Given the lyrical content and subject matter, its likely that this track is never going to have mass appeal, but Essex based singer songwriter/producer Kat Torrie AKA Asking For A Friend has released a track that every fucking person should be listening to.

I love all types of music and music that is well informed, which questions the injustices and bullshit we're being fed by the biggest bunch of self serving bastards to ever govern this country is always going to peak my interest.

Kat really has a fantastic voice, 'Democracy' is cutting but you know what? It's all truth and for that very reason I love this woman! She's written a blog post on the inspiration behind this song that quite frankly is one of the best researched ones you'll read and so begs the question why aren't the mainstream media using this information to take the UK Government to task by asking the same questions? If you're not a fan of the current incumbents then it'll reaffirm everything you already knew. If you're on the fence read it anyway and for the love of equality open your fucking eyes!

This single is also not a fluke - go and listen to her previous releases 'Wanting More' and 'Integrity' this woman is such an intelligent songwriter.

If you support this blog and trust my judgement then go and give these tracks a listen and show her some love.

Summing this track up in one word - enlightened!

For fans of She Drew The Gun, Petrol Girls, Bridget Mae Power

Asking For A Friend







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