Single review: Aurora -Project 'No Hiding'

Aurora-Project are a female-fronted 5-piece melodic metal band from Manchester in the UK, who have a real passion for arranging music and love writing meaningful songs.

Their debut single 'No Hiding' has just been released and their sound is very niche, if Fields of the Nephilim and The Levellers had a love child then you'd be pretty close.

It's starts of explosively with an intro that wouldn't sound out of place in a Tolkien film - then at 46 seconds it all of a sudden changes direction, before the chorus then interjects and picks up the pace again.

Aurora Project are bona fide talented musicians and Rachel (vocalist) does have a really great voice, that comes to the fore in the choruses. It's the stop start nature of the song that leads to a confusion if I'm honest.

The parts where its all in harmony they've cracked it and I really like their sound. I would love to see them let go and push themselves as they do with their chorus - they have all the ingredients to make a great band.

Maybe we're meant to be confused? After all 'No Hiding' was written at the start of lockdown, a time of great uncertainty. The message is not to worry, good times will be here again.

6/10 - At sixes and sevens






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