Single review - bigfatbig 'Don't Wanna Be Sad'

2020 was a shit show for a lot of reasons, but music is the one thing that's kept me and many of us going. bigfatbig are one the bands who, having discovered them in lockdown make me yearn for sweaty gigs and that unbridled joy of live music.

Every song bigfatbig have released so far is an absolute banger and the new track 'Don't Wanna Be Sad' is probably their best one yet. It seems poignant at a time where we're (maybe) getting to a period where we can look forward to live music again, that they release this track.

I'm fed up with being sad, missing mates, hugging, missing my daughter, not seeing my girlfriend. 'I Don't Wanna Be Sad' perfectly articulates the groundhog day experience we've all been going through in lockdown. It's relatable. But it's also more than that. This band know how to write great songs. It's an instant earworm, I can't stop listening to it!

If you've trusted my opinion in the past then do yourself a favour - go and stream this song and for the love of music, if they're playing near you after this shit show then go and see them! I'll meet you down the front.

Summing this track up in one word - dynamic!

For fans of Peaness, The Beths, The Subways.






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