Single Review: Bugeye - Blue Fire

Bugeye's latest single 'Blue Fire' see's the Croydon indie/disco/punk rockers release their final track before their debut album Ready, Steady, Bang later next month.

If you're used to Bugeye, then you know that their sound usually has a disco/punk/indie infused sound that you can dance and sing along to.

This track is totally different; I was rather taken aback when I first heard it. There's a dark side to this band that I hadn't heard prior to this release. It's as if the band were almost looking at the world through a looking glass when they wrote this track.

Life isn't always sunshine and happiness and 'Blue Fire' is a reflection of the period we're going through; Coronovirus and the Black Lives Matter movement is finally and quite rightly gathering momentum across the globe. We're all sick and tired of the inequalities in society and it's time to take a stand.

"A lot of things don’t make sense at the moment. We can’t understand racism, or hatred for those that are different. These really shouldn’t be issues anymore but they still are. It’s crazy. I suppose what we understand more than ever about ourselves though, is the need to express what we feel and think through music, even if that is sharing our darkest moment", the band told us.

Truer words never spoken!

The band’s debut album Ready, Steady, Bang, produced by Paul Tipler (Idlewild, Cable, LIINES, Placebo, Elastica) is set for release on 10 July (vinyl, CD and digital). You can pre-order via this link








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