Single review: Cannon Beach 'Upside Down'

Sheffield based duo Cannon Beach have released their debut single 'Upside Down' and I'm love with this song, If you're a fan of 80's synth music then you are going to adore this track as much as I do.

Coming from the creative minds of producer Daniel Jeffery (Inherit The Stars), and singer Beth Connelly (Crimson Tide), Cannon Beach is an exploration into new territory for the pair, who have worked together in the past on previous projects, but never as a joint venture such as this.

Everything about this song has a nostalgic feel to it, like a musical Stranger Things it may have been 80's influenced, but it's been well and truly dragged into the 21st century. The synths, the lyrics, the beats, everything about this track are gargantuan.

I haven't seen my partner now for ten months, but this is a song that fills me with the hope that we're both going to get through COVID19 and see each other on the other side. Where 2020 has offered nothing but darkness, there is a juxtapose of optimism and light in this track. It's full of emotion and a reminder that in focusing on what's beyond the present, looking at what we have and surrounding ourselves with the things we love we will get through this.

When asked about how they would describe their sound the band said, We’re heavily inspired by popular movies, tv shows, video games...even our name ‘Cannon Beach’ is a reference to where they shot a scene from Goonies. We want to capture and recreate the same fun you experienced but as music. It’s new, yet totally nostalgic at the same time.

Summing this track up in one word - uplifting

For fans of Chvrches, Purity Ring, MS MR, The XX, Foxes, MUNA

Cannon Beach





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