Single review: Church of Non Believers 'Cover Your Mouth'

Playing sermons for the broken yet warm of heart, Church of Non Believers are Hull's only Electro Soul Punk export, assembling layers of electronics with art rock guitar and dark idiosyncratic lyrics.

'Cover Your Mouth' released today is their latest single with an original version as well as remix from NOMIS. The track is pretty trippy to be honest and has airs of Muse's 'Origin of Symmetry' fused with Talking Head's Psycho Killer. It draws you in, because it's so different.

I like that.

Exploring the idea of a dystopian future where talking and words have been banished, the track starts off with synths that if you closed your eyes, you'd swear you were on some astral plain. With vocals which are softly spoken like the aforementioned Talking Heads track, the video set in outer space features an intrepid explorers search for someone to make a connection with, despite being unable to communicate with words.

I think the song is an allegory for us to look at the current climate of cancel culture we find ourselves in where people are offended by everything and everyone. We need to take time to listen to each other to understand, rather than to wanting to proffer our own beliefs. Before language, communication and freedom of expression is taken away from us.

Whatever meaning you decide to take from this track is pretty far out there!

7/10 - Trippy!

Church Of Non Believers






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