Single Review: Dois Padres 'Know Better'

Released 19 June ‘Know Better’ is the raucous new glam-fuzz delinquent ditty from Dois Padres – a pair of garage psyche-rocking hombres, ravenous for rampage.

'Know Better' is the lead track from their forthcoming third album, Swamp Jams, and with this release the Padres’ have slammed their foot down on the gas. 'Know Better' is full revs, pure raw power.

It's their best release to date and I think the guys have found their sound with this release - I can see myself ploughing along the highway on Route 66, stopping off at a old fashioned saloon to drink bourbon and ending up dancing on the tables.

“It’s a bop, a foot-stomper, a head-rocker, and we only need to know one thing – where the party’s at! This is a tune fit for rioting, dancing or driving. Crank it up and let’s go at it.” the band told me before its release.

'Know Better' is a bluesy, swamp grass, gun totting, bar brawl, whiskey soaked, snake skinned ode to rock n roll. If this single is a taste of what's in store on Swamp Jams then we're in for a treat!

8/10 - Foot stompingly good!

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