Single review - Falcon Jane 'The Other Moon'

Sometimes you start to listen to a track and it absolutely mystifies you, 'The Other Moon’ new single from Canadian lo-fi indie rockers is one of those songs.

The production of this track has sections that sound as if they've been lifted straight from the soundtrack of an episode of Doctor Who, with atmospherics reminiscent of Pink Floyd's Dark Side of the Moon. It really has a magical vibe to it. Combining the celestial vocals of Sarah May with melancholic synths and an understated bass line this song builds with harmonies into a crescendo that is going to have even the sternest of souls wiping their tear ducts!

This is actually the first in a series of releases from Sara May, as she looks to explore deeply sentimental and personal themes. ‘The Other Moon’ is a touching tribute from Sarah to her Nonna, with sound co-director, van Olm visualized as May’s DIY journey through space.

Speaking about the new track, May says: “‘The Other Moon’ is a letter and tribute to my late Nonna whose death inspired me to start recording this album. Despite being from two completely different generations, and speaking two different languages, my Nonna and I had a very special connection. We understood each other and cared about each other, even if we couldn’t find the words to express it. My Nonna would always cheekily joke about her own death, and through her broken English, she claimed that when she died she’d be going to “The Other Moon”.

“This song is not a story about a happy-go-lucky relationship between grandmother and granddaughter,” May continues. “It accurately depicts the contrasting dynamic of a very loving friendship mixed with a lifelong trauma-ridden miscommunication. The big hole in my heart, the black cloud over our love. This song feels like the message I always wanted to send to her; pushing through the darkness to find the deep love we shared and continue to share now.”

The single with it's vulnerable honesty, authenticity and rawness is a thing of absolute beauty. If you know me either personally or through this blog, then you'll know why this song has moved me in the way that it has.

One word to sum this song up - Soulful

For fans of Goldfrapp, MMODE, Sunship Balloon, i break horses.

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