Single Review: For The Girl 'Half Lived Lie'

For The Girl are another band that I've only just discovered via email submissions and I'm glad that they did, because this band are pretty fucking decent! For The Girl are from Nottingham and there are six band members, which goes some way to explaining the wall of sound that engulfs your senses when their tracks reach their pinnacle.

'Half Lived Lie' is their latest single and whilst it is a little derivative of Oasis and The Amazons, as soon as frontman Sam Plenty starts singing it stops and the track takes on its own uniqueness. I'm always reluctant to draw comparisons because it's often unfair, but I have in this instance as I love both of the aforementioned bands and this comparison is more to draw your attention to how good For The Girl are.

'Half Lived Lie' starts off with tribal like drums and a great riff and then when those guitars kick in, Oh. My. Goodness! Their sound definitely errs on the rockier side of indie, and that's not a bad thing. The last minute of the song especially is just awe inspiring. It has everything a great rock or indie song should have.

As this is my first encounter with the band I've gone back and listened to their previous work and last single 'The Tide' is definitely worth a listen. These lads have all the ingredients to be as big as The Amazons and the more I listen the more I believe it.

8/10 - Imposingly awesome!

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