Single Review - Future by Saytr Play

When I was first contacted by Saytr Play’s management asking me to review their new single Future I jumped at the chance. I know the lads anyway and Fred is literally one of the most beautiful human beings you will ever meet, the whole band are just such a nice bunch of lads.

I had the track a few weeks before the release and I didn’t listen to it until I went to Malta to see my partner and we listened together. I wanted to share this special moment with her and when I first heard this track, I was rather overwhelmed, and I recall crying… I’m a big-hearted softie and anyone who knows me will tell you that.

This track is very different to last years’ absolute smash Secondhand Emotion and their last single Honest Man.

Freddie’s beautiful haunting voice starts off with what it feels like to be the future… and already the emotion grabs you, then those gorgeous guitars that are synonymous with Saytr Play’s sound. It’s a bit melancholic but some songs are sad and whilst the subject matter is a bit dark, I think that that way the song is constructed it also makes me feel that there is hope – there is a way to make things better. I see it as someone who’s a bit sad with how things are but that’s no indicator that this is hopeless.

Fred has said of the song, “Future' is a song that stems from personal experience. It’s a letter to a friend. We live our lives in fiction, pretending everything is okay; "It’s not our problem?" I think it’s time to put the next generation first. It’s time to face reality. This song is an out-cry for the increasingly worrying number of familiar faces living on the streets. It’s an anthem for the youth, for the planet and for our future.”

I see it as an anthem of hope, and this blogger absolutely loves it! Stream the track here

You can catch the lads on tour on the following dates:

Sunbird Records, Darwen – 28th Feb Zanzibar – Liverpool – 14th Mar The Lounge 666 – Archway, London – 28th Mar Sound City - Liverpool – 2nd May

The bands socials are:

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