Single Review - Future Fires 'Holding On'

Future Fires are a band that have been on my radar for a little while now and I'm a big fan of their previous releases 'Halfway Down' and 'Infinite Life' both absolute bangers. When they reached out to me to have a listen to their latest release 'Holding On' I jumped at the chance.

'Holding On' is the first single from their soon to be released unplugged EP and it sees the band offer something totally different to their usual fast paced, indie rock tunes.

The song was self produced at home during in lockdown, and where their previous releases have been anthemic floor fillers, this offers something a lot more introspective.

Yes we're in a period of mass uncertainty and no one really knows when or even if we're ever going to be back to what was "normal" in terms of live music or gigs - but this track is a reminder that hope is the one human driving force that keeps us going.

The message of the song is all about looking after yourself in times of struggle and not forgetting to ensure your own longevity. I did exactly that this weekend - I took some time out and felt so better for it.

The song itself is stunningly produced and I'm not going to lie it is going to pull at your heartstrings. Gorgeous harmonies, uplifting lyrics. If you're someone who's struggling, or is missing someone due to lockdown or restrictions of travel (I am) then this is a song for you.

One word to sum this song up - Serene

For fans of Glass Caves, Freeda, The K's, Crooks, The Reytons.

Future Fires






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